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I started this blog to describe all the techno wonders that I love. Not that I am some Miss Know All that is bursting with knowledge and the desire to spread it out. If that were the case, I would have probably filled up at least a hundred blog pages by now. But you can see I haven’t. You can blame that on my laziness. Gadgets do have that effect on us. I did often try to start a post, but then once you log on to the greatest of all webs, it is very hard to stop oneself from straying and getting entangled somewhere far away from your intended destination.

Another reason for this tardiness is simply that I couldn’t decide what to describe in my first post. The first post has to be special, I thought. But I just couldn’t determine what was the most special thing that deserved the honour of being the topic of my grand first step into this blog.

Well, so I decided to begin from the beginning of my love affair with technology (read computers, mobiles and internet).

When we first got internet at home, it was still the time when logging on to the net secretly was impossible, thank to the loud trumpeting of the modem trying to log on to the web. Though I must confess I dared often times to break the past midnight silence, trusting the soundness of my parents’ sleep. Sometimes I succeeded in going unnoticed too.

At that time my ‘work’ on internet was restricted mostly to chatting and emailing as I had not yet begun to discover its wonders. But one website I had discovered that delighted me a lot. Being a lover of pretty pictures, I managed to search out a website that sold just the kind of pictures I loved. Of course, all I could do was to look at them and admire their beauty. But it was still thrilling.

Soon, however, I started discovering more online interests. Then studies and work forced me to start actually using the net for more useful purposes. And somewhere along the way, that lovely website was forgotten.

But today I remembered it again. I searched it out. I actually felt nostalgic viewing its pretty images! The website is called It provides web graphics, including sets of amazing photography. I can’t afford any of them, nor do I need them. But I still spent almost an hour browsing through it today! After all, it was this website that gave me the first taste of joy of internet.

Do you have any such website that you love for no reason at all? A website that probably pulls you back in time? Do let me know so I can have a look at it too.

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