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Froyo Update!

Picture this: You love chocolates. There’s a chocolate bar in front of you. You want to eat it, of course. But your friends forbid you to touch it. “It’s taste is awful,” they say. But you can’t escape its grasp. It beckons you. It pulls you towards it and forces you to buy it. You are sure you’d hate it. But you end up loving it. And to add to your joy, your purchase wins you a free chocolate cake too!

Lovely picture, isn’t it?

Well, something similar happened to me. I bought and eclair, and got frozen yogurt for free!

Of course, I’m talking about android systems. Don’t they have sweet names?

Anyway, back to the story of my phone. I have Samsung Galaxy 3. Everybody had advised me against this phone. I was told that it was slow, it had software problems, and so on.

But no warning worked. I had fallen in love with this phone. And love, people say, is blind. So I bought it. And well, it was everything that I had hoped it to be. I loved it even more after using it!

And now, I love it doubly more. It has been upgraded to Froyo. Froyo makes it faster and smoother and adds several very cool features. I love the new disk view in the media player, and I can now transfer some of the apps to SD card. But not all apps are transferable. The wallpaper apps, the widgets etc. will stay in the phone memory.

I had heard earlier that with Froyo, the phone browser will be able to support adobe flash player. Not so. Adobe flash player still remains incompatible with galaxy 3’s processor. Adobe may bring up a compatible flash player, but it is not on their priority list.

However, if you really miss watching flash videos on your phone, you can try the Skyfire browser. It can play the flash videos even without flash player. I haven’t tried it yet. I want to, but I like the default android browser, and don’t want to load up my phone’s memory unnecessarily.

Talking about the new default browser, it now has a new way of text selection. Just press down on a text line and see what happens.

While I just love the Froyo experience, there was one major disappointment. The Swype texting doesn’t work anymore. I read that Swype beta can be downloaded if the phone is rooted. But mine isn’t. And I’m daring enough to do it either. So I have installed SlideIt instead. And actually, I think I like it better than Swype.

Well, that’s basically it. There are some disappointments. But still, froyo is delicious. I’m loving it!

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