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Ever since my mobile got sweetened with froyo, I have installed and un-installed so many apps on it.

One app that got me really excited was Audiobook. It is just what its name says. It searched out audio copies of copyright free books. You could save the files and listen to them at your leisure. No straining of eyes to read books now, or so I thought.

But I found two major problems with it. One, its too big and can’t be moved to the SD card. That, in itself, is a turnoff. But I still kept it as I really liked the idea of having an audio book player. I downloaded a poem on it and it was great listening to it. Then I tried downloading Northanger Abbey. The app found it quickly. But it failed to show the same quickness while downloading it.

Maybe the internet speed at my end was the problem, though I use broadband on wifi and it has a pretty decent speed. Maybe, audio book download IS usually slow, and I just need more patience. But really, I can’t wait for an hour or so to download a book. Maybe the book file was just too heavy. Since I think the book too is stored on internal storage, that was another reason I uninstalled the app. It can give me only classics, and classics, most of the time, ARE lengthy.

So, good bye Audiobooks. Maybe you are good in someone else’s phone. But you did not work on mine.

So I will stick with my ebook reader app (Moon Reader) which is serving me pretty well.

Dear reader, have you ever tried any audio book player? On what device? And how did it perform?

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  1. Hi, that’s interesting info. What format are Audiobooks? mp3?
    And how much is the size magnified from print version? For eg, 100 print pages would roughly translate into how many MB of audio?

    1. Hi, this post was written in 2011. So can’t say much about this app now as I soon learnt I don’t enjoy listening to books as much as I enjoy reading them.
      But if you’d like to check out some good quality audio books and see how they work, try Audible audio books. Audible is amazon’s company