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There was a time when web and net were things that were woven to catch somebody. Then came the supreme of all webs that caught millions in its net, and now, there’s no escape. We can’t live without it. We can’t even imagine living without it. At least, I can’t. And to think just ten years ago it formed not even a tiny part of my life.

Well, but so much has changed in ten years. At the turn of the millennium, mobiles were a luxury in India. Now even our housemaid keeps one.

And internet rules!

I know myself. If my net connection goes down for even a day, I feel as if I have been robbed of my living breath 🙂 And as I NEED internet, with it comes the need of a good browser. I have, on my laptop, the default internet explorer, Firefox, Chrome and now also Safari. Out of these, I like Chrome and Safari best, as they are the fastest. Extensions can be installed on all the three third party browsers mentioned here. But did you know you can add apps too, though only to the chrome browser? Yeah, real iphone, android kind of apps, including even Angry Birds!

All these apps can be found in the Chrome Web Store. If you have chrome, you probably are already familiar with it. But if you are not a Chrome user, than read on. This Web Store is full of interesting application, divided in categories like Education, Entertainment, Family, Games, Photo. Many of these apps are the same as can be found on Android market. The only difference is that these are for Chrome browser. You can enjoy and use them directly from your browser, without loading up your phone’s memory.

If you hover your mouse over an app, it shows you a brief description of the app. If you like it, just click on the app icon. It will open up the app and you can see the description in more details. You can even see if the app is from a verified source or not. If you like the app, just click on install and the app would be installed on you Chrome browser. It will show up when you would open up a new tab. From there, all you have to do is click it and start using it.

I love the Chrome Web Store. Besides apps, it also has useful extensions and themes for Chrome.

I have added several very interesting apps from the web store. My favourite is Pizap Photo Editor. It’s really cool and lot of fun. Will surely describe it too sometime. Meanwhile, I leave you to go through the Chrome Web Store. Yeah, you can search it out and browse through it even if you don’t have Chrome. But the apps won’t instal on any other browser.


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