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Syncing of Chrome

Okay, so I love all things Google. And Google’s Chrome browser is no exception. A few days ago, I described it’s App Store. Here’s another great feature of Chrome browser the wonder of which I recently realized.

My laptop had been acting up since past couple of months. Finally, when the crashes became much too frequent I decided to opt for a factory reset. Yes, my Dell laptop had the option to reset it to the condition it was when it came from the factory. Using it, I made my computer brand new again, without having to install Windows, Office and drivers again. I only had to install the software that I had added to it over the two years that I’ve had it. The process of resetting was quite easy. So, in case your computer is acting up too and if you are thinking of formatting the disk, do check the website of  your computer’s manufacturer. They may have an easier alternative to ease your problems.  (Resetting or doing ‘PC Restore’ of my Dell laptop needed just hitting f8 several times after the Dell logo appeared and disappeared on startup. This led to Advanced Book Options where I clicked on Repair Your Computer. Then I just followed the directions that flashed on the screen and it was done.)

However, while I got all my original programs back after resetting, I had lost the third-party browsers that I had downloaded. I use Chrome mostly, but also had Firefox. So the first thing I did after resetting my computer and setting up the network connection was to download Chrome and Firefox. I lost all my bookmarks on Firefox. However, Chrome was a different story. I had a long list of bookmarks on it. And I did not much like the idea of opening all those sites one by one and bookmarking them again. I was sure I won’t even remember them all. But I need not have worried. There came Google to the rescue! As I set up my newly installed Chrome, I was asked if I wanted to sync it with Google account. I okayed that, choosing a different ‘pass-phrase’ for the syncing. And there! All my bookmarks were back again! Each and every setting of Chrome was restored! And I had not lost the link of even a single site that I had bookmarked.

So, how, you may ask, can you activate that syncing on your Chrome browser. Super easy. Open Chrome (obviously). Click on the little ‘wrench’ icon that’s there on the right side of the tool bar.  Click on ‘Options’  (‘Preferences’ if you have Mac or Linux). In the Options page, you’ll see some options on the left side border. Click on the one that says ‘Personal Stuff.’  The very first item on the page gives you the option of syncing your Chrome browser with your Google account. Click on it, customize the service as you think right, and you are done! All your bookmarks and setting on it are synced and would get restored easily if you ever have to re-install Chrome. And of course since the settings and bookmarks are on Google, you can easily sync them to the Chrome browser on any other computer that you have.

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