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The Tab Effect

(The post won a blogging contest and earned me the title of Samsung Mobiler)

The trouble with conscience is that it shouts when you would rather have it silenced. And my conscience has a typical habit of shouting out as soon as I lay my eyes on any new gadget. So I guess since I had been gazing at the Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 for full five long minutes, she couldn’t have remained silent for long.

‘You already have a Galaxy phone, you DON’T NEED another gadget!’ she reminded me.

‘Oh, but it’s a tab, and I’m only just looking,’ I said.

‘Yeah, I know where that ‘looking’ would lead to,’ said my conscience. ‘Don’t forget, nobody knows you better than I do.’

‘I know, I know. But ooh, this tab really is so awesome,’ I said, easily ignoring the pesky voice.

‘That’s what you said when you bought your phone. But you are already ignoring it for this new toy,’ came the reply.

‘Oh, but it’s a Tab! A Galaxy Tab by Samsung.’

‘When you bought your phone, you said that with Samsung Galaxy phone in your pocket, you don’t need any other gadget. What happened to that now? You can’t put this bulky tab thing in your pocket, can you? So why waste money again? Oh, I know, you are already thinking of buying it. Don’t try to fool me!’ she sad before I could utter a word.

‘Well, I was only looking at it. And it’s not bulky at all. It’s super light and super slim. It’s actually the thinnest tab available in the world yet! Its measurements are 256.7 X 175.3 X 8.6 mm. And it just weighs 565 grams.That’s lighter even than you, I’m sure, even though you are invisible,’ I said.

‘Yeah, you would say that. People often do feel their conscience to be a heavy burden. Anyway, if it’s so thin and light, I’m sure it must lack in features too. And you already stare too much at your phone. If you buy the tab too, you will surely end up robbing your own eyes of their precious sight.’

‘Oh no, not at all. It’s packed full of features. And you should actually advise me to buy this tab if you care so much about my eyes. It has a high definition 10.1 inch TFT capacitive screen. And it has the resolution of 1280 X 800! Can you even imagine how good that would look! And the high resolution would create no strain on my eyes. So it would be a good thing for my eyes if I buy it. And can you even imagine how awesome all the pictures would look? And the movies! They won’t just look better, they would sound awesome too.’

‘I don’t want to know how, but I know you will tell me anyway.’

‘Oh, I won’t tell you if you don’t want to know. But its dual speakers must really be good at giving a strong surround effect to the sounds. Just imagine having surround sound combined with HD video playback. And it can play MP3, AAC, WMA, AAC+ audio formats and DivX, VidX, WMV9, WMV7, WMV8, MPEG4 video codecs. That means I won’t have to bother to convert any videos to make them playable by my device. This Tab plays them all on its own! And guess what? Samsung Galaxy Tab 750 also supports USB 2.0 for easily syncing it with a computer. And it can store a lot of songs and videos. It has 16 to 64 GB of internal memory and I GB RAM. So I can load as many songs, videos and apps as I want and they will all play without any lag. Isn’t that super cool?’ I said, grinning and rubbing my hands together as my eyes continued leering at the beautiful, super gorgeous Samsung Galaxy Tab 750.

‘Stop looking at it right away! You know you have a budget to follow!’

‘I know, I know, I’m just looking. But just see, it has excellent network connectivity too. It can get online through 2G – GSM network, 3G – HSPA+ network. It has WiFi 802.11 connectivity support, as well as EDGE / GPRS. It also has Bluetooth v3.0. So wherever I go, I can stay online without any problem.’
‘You said you were just looking.’
‘Yes, yes, I’m only just looking. Just let me see what sort of camera it has. Oh, it has 3 MP camera with LED flash and auto focus! I wish my phone had the flash too, but it does not, you know. And this Tab also has a secondary camera. So I can use it for video calling. This secondary camera is 2 MP, which is quite sufficient for video calling, don’t you think?’
‘You know well what I think. You DON’T NEED IT!’
‘Oh, I’m only looking. And by the way, it has instant SNS sharing. That means, any picture I click or any video I capture on this tab can be instantly shared on SNS like facebook, or through GMail and Picasa,’ said I. And then my eyes caught something that made me go ‘Oooh!’
‘What now?’
‘It has Dual Core 1 Ghz NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor. Do you even know what that means?’
‘I don’t know and I don’t want to know,’ came the response.
‘Oh, it’s the best processor of all! It will make multi-tasking, gaming, internet browsing as quick as…as…’
‘As quick as you ignore my advice?’
‘I don’t ignore your advice. I’m ONLY JUST LOOKING!’ I said.
‘Okay, okay, what are you looking at now?’
‘I thought you didn’t want to know.’
‘I’m only just asking.’
‘I’m reading about its operating system. It runs on Android v3.1 Honeycomb.’
‘Honeycomb? Sounds sweet.’

‘Oh, it’s sweeter than it sounds. It’s the latest version of Android OS and it has been specially designed for tablets and other devices with similar large screens. It can very efficiently support multi-tasking and split view. And it has the latest Samsung Touchwiz UX. You know how much I love Touchwiz on my phone. This version of Touchwiz is even better than the one I have on phone. It even supports Live Panel and Mini Apps. I can’t wait to try those mini apps!’

‘I thought you were only just looking?’

‘Uh, yes, yes, I was, I mean, I am…only just looking…’

‘With all these features and such super bright display, I’m sure it has pathetic battery life.’

‘Not at all. It runs on 7000 mAH battery that can keep it running for more than 9 days without charging. I can listen songs for up to 72 hours on it, and watch videos for 9 hours without charging.’

‘That sounds good. But you still don’t need it.’

‘Well, its browser comes with adobe flash player support. It also has a compass. And thanks to its A-GPS support and Google Maps, I can go anywhere without having to keep on asking for directions. And it has social hub too. So I can easily manage as many email accounts, or social networking accounts as I want. You already know how well connected this device is.’

‘Yeah, yeah. It is good, I agree. But…’

‘It also has Gyroscope, Accelerometer sensor, and ambient light sensor. And it has all the Google apps like Google Talk, Gmail, Google Calendar, Youtube…

‘Okay, okay, got it, but…’

‘One can also get excellent and very useful accessories for it like keyboard, notebook stand, leather case etc. It can play even the heaviest games with ease, even the motion sensing games too. And for work, it also has Polaris Office using which I can easily create and edit PPT, Word or Excel documents.’


‘Wait, it also has Music Hub by which I can easily search, download and listen to over 11 million songs. AND, you are a book-lover and writer’s conscience. You must love this the best. It also has a Reader’s Hub! And on it, I can read over 2000 newspapers, 3000 magazines and 2.3 million ebooks!’

‘Oh? Well, that does sound impressive. 2.3 million books…’


‘And reading books on it won’t tire your eyes either like it does on phone…’


‘Well, it costs about 35000 rupess, but it does sound worth it…I mean…’

‘YES! YES!! YES!!!’

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  1. I was wondering if you ever thought of changing the page layout
    of your blog? Its very well written; I love what youve got to say.
    But maybe you could a little more in the way of content so people could connect with it better.
    Youve got an awful lot of text for only having 1 or two images.

    Maybe you could space it out better?

    1. Hi,
      Yes, I did, Unfortunately, I’ve been unwell since a few days before that, so I have not been able to gush about it on the blog. But it’s really cool, and very fast. And I can tell you one thing – browsing internet, reading novels, painting, everything becomes double the fun when you do it on a brand new tab 😀