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‘I had to reset my laptop. And now, my Microsoft Office is saying it is just a trial version and will stop being full featured in a few days,’ I said to my friend.

‘How did that happen?’ my friend asked.

‘Don’t know. Will have to call someone to re-install it. I’m a writer, I can’t work without Microsoft Word!’ I said.

‘Oh, you can very easily go for other alternatives. Microsoft Word isn’t the only word processor in the world,’ said my friend. ‘Just look at the alternatives available and download the one that you like best.’

‘Okay, I’ll google for it and try and find something that suits me,’ I said.

‘Why waste time googling? Just go to and see what they say. It will save your time and you are sure to find a good answer for your problem there,’ said my friend.

TechCular? Strange name,’ I smiled.

‘I think it is nice, maybe it is short of spectacular technology. At least, that’s what I’m always reminded of when I take that name. And that’s perfect, I think, because the website showcases the best and the latest in upcoming technology,’ said my friend.

‘Nice,’ I said. ‘I’ll take a look at it.’

I did take a look at And believe it or not, I spent two whole hours going through the various articles posted on it.

It was not my fault though. Because every time I reached the end of the article, a small window popped up from the bottom suggesting another article which I somehow always found an absolute must read. TechCular has information and latest news about Iphone, Mac, Android, other cool gadgets, Telecom, Internet, Technology, Computer, Software, Gaming and also hosts fantastic giveaways.

All these various categories are listed clearly on top. That’s nice, I think, and a big time saver too. if someone needs some information about iphone for example, he need not sift through the articles about other categories too. He can go straight to the Iphone category and look for what he needs.

Of course, to make things even quicker, there is Google Custom Search box right at the top right side of the website. And that is what I used to find alternatives for Microsoft Office. Well, I did not just find one alternative, but a whole list of top ten choices!

This is what I like the best about TechCular, the Top-Ten lists. There are lists for top ten most popular software, top ten alternatives for Microsoft Office, Top Ten Android games etc. You can find these lists in the Software category.

I have already downloaded three new games after reading about them on TechCular. And now, I’m going through the list describing the top ten alternatives for Microsoft Office, hoping to find something that would comfortably replace my soon to expire Office trial. You go ahead and take a look too. Who knows, you may find something fun and interesting too.

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