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Happy Birds

‘I am so angry! I am so angry! I will kill all those hateful pigs!’ said Big Red. He was the leader of a group of birds who, since long, were being troubled by pig robbers.

‘Why? What have they done now?’ asked Blue Bird, frowning, but not bothering to open his eyes. He had spent the last two hours strenuously training for target attack. And now he wanted to rest.

‘As if you don’t know already. They have taken over ten more of our houses. But how dare you keep your eyes closed when I am talking to you!’ said Big Red, becoming redder with fury.

‘It is my time to rest. And I am not Samsung Galaxy SIII to keep looking at you for as long as you are giving me your royal attention,’ Blue Bird shot back.

‘What is that supposed to mean? Who is this SIII?’ Big Red asked.

‘Oh? Don’t you know? How surprising! Since you think you know everything,’ said Blue Bird.

Big Red turned into a still darker shade of crimson. He did not like being found ignorant about something. And as he looked around he became even angrier to see several other birds gathering around. And they all seemed to be mocking him.

‘I would have known about it sooner or later,’ he grumbled.

‘Well, sooner the better, so I’ll tell you,’ said Blue Bird, finally opening his eyes and looking at Big Red.

Samsung Galaxy SIII is Samsung’s  latest flagship smartphone. It launched in India on 31st May, 2012. And I tell you, it is really smart. And I think it will please you really well. It will never close its eyes for as long as you are looking at it,’ snickered Blue Bird.

‘Then you should better learn some manners from it,’ said Big Red.

‘But you always say I am dumb. So how can I do what Smart Stay does in SIII?’ said Blue Bird. His eyes were no longer drowsy. Instead, they were glittering with delight. It was not often that one got a chance to explain something to the Big Red. But today it was obvious that Red knew nothing about SIII. And Blue Bird was not going to give up the chance to display his knowledge to the arrogant Mr. Know-it-All.

‘Smart Stay?’ Big Red asked, pretending to be not in the least bit interested.

‘Yeah, you see Samsung Galaxy SIII has some really smart features. For example, Smart Stay feature keeps the phone’s screen awake for as long as your eyes are focused on it. So, no need to touch the screen again and again while reading a mail or planning a move in a game.’

‘How can it do that? Does it have eyes to see whether anyone is looking at it or not?’ asked Yellow Bird who had been listening to the conversation for past several minutes.

‘It has powerful sensors that do not just enable it to see, but also to hear and feel. And so, using the S Voice feature and Gesture Control, it can obey voice, as well as gesture commands.  Just by speaking you can make calls, check weather, play music or even tell the phone to shut up and Snooze when the morning alarm rings up. There are several gesture and movement commands available to save your time. The one that I like best of these is the Direct Call. Suppose you are typing a message to someone, and then you feel there’s really too much to write, just lift the phone to your ear and it will call your friend automatically.’

‘If you have finished displaying your knowledge, get up now and do something, you lazy head,’ said Big Red.

‘Oh, but there’s more, so much more. I haven’t yet told you anything about the smart sharing features of SIII. I haven’t yet told you about its S Beam using which you can transfer a 1 GB data in just 3 minutes by just touching any other S Beam enabled Smartphone. And it’s All Share Play and All Share Cast make it so simple to remotely access data on different devices. And…’

‘Okay, okay, no need to go on bragging about it. After all, it’s just another smartphone, isn’t it?’ Big Red grumbled.

‘Pooh, then Amitabh Bachchan is just another actor and Taj Mahal is just another building!’

‘What do you mean? ‘

‘Simply this, Samsung Galaxy SIII surpasses everything that we have yet seen in smartphones. It’s simply brilliant.’

‘How so, if I may ask?’ asked Big Red, still pretending to be not much interested in knowing.

‘Ok, just look at its specification. Let’s start with the display…’

‘Start? You have already gone on and one about it for so long. Let’s now start with banging some pig heads together!’ said Big Red. He turned for approval from the crowd of birds that had gathered around them.

‘Ok, you can go if you want to. But I was just telling you that Samsung Galaxy S3 is 70.6X136.6X8.6 in size. And it has 12.19cm (4.8″) HD sAMOLED display that has the resolution of 720×1280 (HD).

‘That’s good. But I bet the ugly pigs still look damn ugly even in that display,’ grumbled Big Red.

‘But we would look prettier, don’t you think?’ asked the Blue Bird.

‘As if I care about looking pretty! I am powerful, and brave, and that’s all that matters.’

‘Samsung Galaxy SIII is also powerful,’ said Blue Bird.

‘Yeah? How? Can it kill ten pigs at one hit?’

‘Well, it runs on the power of 2100 mAh battery. And it has Quad Core Application Processor, with the CPU speed of 1.4GHz. And it has 1GB RAM.’

‘Okay then, sit in front of its picture and worship it while I go and save our homes!’

‘Oh, talking about pictures, SIII has an 8 MP camera with LED flash and Auto Focus. ‘

‘What difference would it make? No one ever clicks a good picture of me,’ said Big Red, pouting.

‘That’s because you always move just when the picture is clicked. So the picture gets blurred. But that won’t happen in SIII. SIII has Zero Shutter Lag. That is, it takes photos instantly. And its Burst Shot function captures 20 continuous shots. But best of all for you would be its Best Shot function. If you select it while clicking the picture, it will click 8 photographs of you and automatically show you the one that has come up best among them! And you know what, using its 1.9 MP Front Facing Camera, you can even record an HD video of yourself.’

‘All that is fine. But can it help us get our homes back from those disgusting pigs?’ said Big Red, finally sitting down beside Blue Bird.

‘Of course, why else do you think I was feeling so happy about it?’

‘How is what I’d like to know,’ said Big Red.

‘Well, I think I have told you already how powerful it is. But I’ll repeat what that power meanss. Its 2100 mAh battery can help us fight the pigs for as long as we want. And it’s Quad Core Application Processor, CPU speed of 1.4GHz and 1GB RAM would never let us get slow. With the strength and power backing us, we’ll give those pigs some real mighty fight!’

‘Now, that’s something that makes me happy,’ grinned Big Red.

‘Yes, really happy!’ sang Blue Bird.

‘Yeah! A might fight! A mighty fight!’ all the birds chirped happily.


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