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Paint away the idle moment

Being a writer, I have many moments when I just stare at the computer screen, letting my mind wander around and look for that brilliant but elusive idea that seems to be determined to escape my grasp. Sometimes, in glum moments too many minutes pass away before I manage to do anything but move my finger around idly on my laptop’s touch pad.

I am sure you must sometimes experience the moments when you just don’t feel like doing anything. Not even to think, not even to concentrate. All that you feel like is to let your mind wander.

Some days ago, I posted about a website that has links about many other websites that are totally pointless but still lot of fun. They all can give you a merry moment during just such an hour.

Well, here’s another website I discovered while searching some means to while away bored moments. Guess what I found? I found my infinite painting!

Okay, well, not much of a painting really. What I found was a website where you have got to do nothing but just move your finger, or your mouse around idly. And the mouse pointer brings up random colours in the screen to create your infinite painting. Infinite, because it never ends. The colours just keep on flowing from the mouse pointer. Once you have covered the screen, white cloud spreads out from the mouse pointer and creates for you a new canvas to paint, with a different brush effect. Once it seemed to me that a red bus emerged out of my random finger movements. But most of the time, it’s just colours in various shade flowing out to make you smile.

It’s a lot of fun, and requires neither any thought, nor much effort. Just relax and paint and enjoy the colours at http://yourinfinitepainting.com/


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