My Favourite Battery Widget for Android

Like every other smartphone user, I too love trying out new apps. And depending upon how I like them, some get discarded immediately, some I keep as I feel I might like to use and enjoy them some time. But the apps that become my absolute favourite get immediately downloaded on all my android devices.

One such app, or rather a widget, is called the Bathing Cat. And it is just what the name suggests, the cat who keeps on bathing in hot water. However, it’s not just that. It’s a battery widget, one of the cutest one that’s available in the Google Play store. The cat stays bathing in its tub on your phone or tab’s homescreen and gives indication of the battery charge and temperature. You see, the water in its tub decreases as the battery of the phone discharges. The cat is happy when the water is full and gets angry and sad when the water (battery charge) decreases. It gets heartbroken when the water gets too low and you are still not filling it up.

And in case the battery of the phone gets too hot, the cat starts sweating and crying out for help and ice.

What makes this cat so cute is the things it says in a speech bubble. ‘I love you again!’ it will say when you charge your phone. ‘Now my English is better than yours, Ha! Ha!’ it will tell you in a leisurely moment. Give it milk and it might say, ‘Now I appreciate milk.’ And just try letting the battery charge go low. ‘How dare you?’ it will cry out. ‘Water! Hot water!’ it will urge. When you still don’t listen, it might sadly remind you, ‘And I was such a good cat.’ When the phone gets too hot, it cries out, ‘My skin is on fire!’ And if you keep the phone active late into the night, it might urge you, ‘Go to sleep, I need you tomorrow.’  This last one is the message that I like best, it always makes me smile. We all need our phones, it’s great to see the phone says it needs you too 🙂

The widget offers several customization options. You can select your favourite cat from among the ten options given. You can choose its bath tub, and the background colour of the widget. You can also select the text size of the speech bubble, and when you want the cat to start alerting you of low battery and high battery temperature.

You can also feed the cat with milk and cookies (for which it will thank you heartily), make it brush its teeth, wash its head etc.

All in all, it makes for one cute battery widget that not just shows you your battery info, but can also make you smile.

You can download it from Google Play Store. Here’s the link: Bathing Cat Battery widget

And if you like the widget, you might also give a try to this live wallpaper: FooCat Live Wallpaper. This live wallpaper offers you all the cuteness of the bathing cat. But since it’s not a battery widget, it will not give you any battery info. The cat will only stay on your homescreen, smiling and moving around and you can feed it, play with it, make it write cute notes to you etc. You can choose whichever background you want to use with this live wallpaper. The FooCat is not choosy, it will still roam around happily no matter what background you give it.


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