Guest Post: The Most Useful Apps on Android For Business Entrepreneurs

As the business grows, you need to look upon the professional perspective and have to manage the deals around the clock anywhere, anytime. For this purpose android has launched several effective business applications to help the entrepreneurs and the individuals.

Android market has started with a boom and has appealed to the new generation through the applications and its products. Now it has 80,000 apps launched in the market and the network of the android is just rising to unexpected levels and is receiving bigger deals every day. Numerous engineers and creators have merged with the android community and are creating the finest apps which are helping out with our day to day work. Thousands of people from commerce are enjoying the benefits of these apps and they are helpful in financing the budget and in other various finance areas. The Operating system developed in these apps is the most powerful and enables the individuals and the entrepreneurs to manage their tasks and schedules. It can be operated anywhere anytime in any corner of the world. Android gained a lot from these apps and it increased the production of these apps by launching new applications daily in the market.

Here are some apps which are most effective and useful for business

1. Hootsuite: It is an application that provides information about the social mass media platforms as it needs a relentless observing for the industry. It has all the features of commerce in it. It also connects to the social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and the corporate networking sites like Foursquare and Dropbox. We can tweet in Twitter, comment on posts in Facebook, check accounts in Foursquare and get to the networking contacts in LinkedIn. It is worth using this app.

2. Evernote: It is an application which acts like a guide. It always keeps you updated with the schedules and the upcoming tasks. It can save pictures as it has better memory when compared to others and can show the trade details on demand. Plans a list of the funds, loans, long term loans, payday loans with savings and expenditures. Labels the location with sense and motion. It has various other features like

  • Creates the list of bills, revenues and agreements
  • Provides the details of products and their market prices
  • Keeps a track of notes discussed in the meeting and shows on demand
  • Review the web pages which are hoarded on the desktop
  • Information about the recipes on the move

3. Quick Office: This application provides you with full and detailed information about the Office works. It trails the documents from the Microsoft word and displays it on any handset. It can revise the documents in android or GSM phones.

If you are want to simplify and organize your business then these apps are a must have so get them and move on.

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  1. Evernote is the counterpart of Springpad. I personally, use springpad but I haven’t tried the everonte.

    Springpad has been very useful to me for over 2 years now.

    Been using it since I had my first android and i’m happy with it.

    I’m yet to try the evernote. do you have any insight about this?

    Or do you know a link that would help me gain information about this?

    thanks a lot!

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