Shopping at Jabong

‘Ah, I’m so tired!’ my friend Ria said as she stumbled in through the door. Her both arms were laden with bags of all colours and shapes. She had, obviously, been shopping.

‘Seems like you really raided the market today!’ I said, smiling.

‘No, only half of it. My cousin’s wedding is coming up, you know. So there’s so much to buy. Clothes for me, husband and kids, jewellery, makeup, shoes and all. You know how it is,’ she said. ‘But it’s so hot outside, and the markets are so crowded. I love shopping, you know that well. But I do wish there was some easier way to buy stuff!’ she said, wiping her face dry.

I handed her a glass of water and she emptied it in one big gulp.

‘But there definitely is, a far more easier way to shop,’ I said.

‘Yeah? What? What?’ Ria asked.

‘Online shopping, simple,’ I answered.

‘Ah, you and your internet. But online shopping is not for me. I mean, seriously, how can anyone buy clothes without feeling their texture and trying them on? And what about payment? It must be risky, right? I mean so many online frauds keep on happening.’

‘Well, if you don’t feel comfortable using a credit card, you can always go for Cash On Delivery option. And who said you can’t try the clothes? Take Jabong, for example. When you buy stuff from Jabong, you are fully allowed to check it before accepting the delivery. And if you don’t like your product, you can return it and get your money back,‘ I said.

‘Jabong? I have heard you using that name before,’ she said.

‘No wonder, I love shopping at Jabong. Just last night I ordered for myself two new dresses,’ I said.

‘Well, I have no problem with the words ‘I love shopping.’ Even I do so. But why at Jabong? I mean, come on, give me one good reason why shopping from a website can be better than shopping in a market.’

‘Not one,’ I said, ‘I can very easily give you several.’

‘Okay, I’m listening. Begin,’ she said.

So I began. And here are the reasons that I rattled off.

‘One, convenience. Online shopping through a reliable and efficient website like Jabong means shopping with convenience. I can shop at any time, from any where. Even if I want to shop at 2 a.m, I can do so. And I can browse through as many items as I want, without worrying about irritating the sales people of the store. I can ‘put aside’ as many items as I want in my Wishlist and then compare these selections at a later time, whenever I want, from wherever I want. Neither time matters, nor place, nor the seasons. Even if it’s pouring torrents outside, I can still go on a shopping spree from the comfortable interiors of my own home. Isn’t that a reason enough to prefer online shopping?

‘Hmm, but still, I don’t think I could feel comfortable shopping online,’ Ria stayed adamant.

Comfort! That is actually one of the main reasons why I love shopping at Jabong. At Jabong Onlise Shop, I can buy stuff to meet all my dressing up needs, and even stuff for home and toys for kids. It offers so much at one single place. So no traveling, no walking about from store to store to gather all the stuff needed. And that also means no jostling through crowd and no squabble with rude and irritating shop keepers and sales staff. It’s so simple and comfortable. Anyone who knows how to switch on a computer and surf the net can easily shop at Jabong. ensures that the shopping experience remains simple, comfortable as well as safe and secure. So that’s definitely one reason why I love Jabong.’

‘Okay, but what about the variety that the real markets offer?’

‘Online stores offer far more variety actually. Just visit the and you’ll be amazed at the wide variety of products that are available literally at your finger times. Thousands! At just one single website, you can shop for shoes, clothing, sports gear, bags and purses of various well known brands, as well as jewellery, beauty products and other fashion accessories. Not only that even toys and home decor and furnishing are available at Jabong. So a wide variety of products can be purchased from one single website. And a wide range of products is available for each of these categories. From products with high brand value to products with good budget value, it’s all available at jabong.’

‘That’s good. But I’m not as comfortable using a computer as you are. I’m sure even if I visit Jabong, I’d never be able to know how to shop on it,’ Ria said, pouting.


‘I don’t think so. Here’s another reason why I love Jabong so much. Buying stuff from Jabong is quite easy and simple. I just find the item that suits my requirements, place my order by choosing my preferred payment method and fill in the delivery address. Once I place the order, a quick call from Jabong also confirms that the order has been placed successfully. And if you have entered any wrong information by mistake, you can then get it corrected. What I really love about Jabong is that it lets me pay by Cash On Delivery option, though at a little extra cost. And Jabong also offers free shipping all over India.’

‘But I still feel I’d feel lost in the website. I wouldn’t know what to do.’

‘No, the website of Jabong is so designed that it ensures Easy Browsing through its products. It is really very easy to browse through the wide range that it offers and quickly reach the items that match my requirements. Just select the category of products you are interested in and set up your preferences in the side bar. And in jiffy you would be looking at the products that match your requirements, without having to spend time browsing through the thousands of products that Jabong offers. For example, you can specify your size, the colour preference, the style, the brand you want as well as your price range. This last option is one of the most useful of the choices you can set. It ensures you quickly reach the products that fall between your budget bracket and don’t have to spend time browsing through items of all prices.’

‘Ok, what else?’ asked my still unconvinced friend.

‘At Jabong, you also get a Wishlist wherein you can add all the products that you like. This creates a sort of narrowed down list of chosen products and makes it far easier to reach a final decision of what you like best. Also, the items you add to the wishlist remain there till you remove them. Thus, if you are in a hurry at the moment, you can always visit your wishlist later and quickly reach your chosen product without having to browse for it through the entire range of products again.’

‘That’s nice. But still, how can you be sure whether you’ll really like what you are buying? I mean, if you buy a dress online, you can’t check the fabric, size etc on a website.’

‘Well, every product on Jabong carries a detailed information with it about the material used etc. Plus, at Jabong, every products is showcased using not just one or two pictures, but five or more, including closeups of the special points. Thus it feels just as if I have seen the product from every angle. And it also gives me a fair idea about how a dress looks and would feel like. Besides, if I shop at Jabong, I can actually check the products before accepting delivery. I can open the package and make sure that the product delivered is really the one I ordered, and that it has arrived in good condition. And even later, if I find the product not to my taste or of wrong size, Jabong’s ‘No Question Asked’ 30 day Return Policy makes it a hassle free process to return the unsuitable product and get my full payment back. And that’s one facility that not even your friendly old neighbourhood store would offer you as readily as Jabong does.

‘Hmm, but I don’t like waiting. And if I buy stuff online, that would definitely mean long wait for them to deliver,’ Ria said.

‘I know, one thing that stops people from online shopping is the thought that it would mean a long wait for the product. And at most other online stores, it really does mean a wait of about a week before your purchase reaches your doorstep. But Jabong is fast! Every time I place an order at Jabong, my purchase reaches me within 24 hours. And even during that period I’m given timely notifications regarding the passage of the shipment.

‘That’s nice,’ Ria finally had to admit.

‘Well, it gets nicer still. Once you register at Jabong, you can choose to get their newsletter bringing timely intimations of all the latest deals and offers being offered at Jabong. You can also connect with jabong on Facebook and Twitter and stay up to date about what’s on offer at Jabong. That way, you’d never miss a good deal!’

Wow, that’s nice.’

‘So, do you now understand why I love shopping at’ I said laughing.

‘Yeah, if all the facilities that you just mentioned are available at Jabong, then it’s no wonder you do,’ she laughed back. ‘I suppose I’ll give it a chance too.’

‘Now that’s like my friend!’ I said, laughing and making her laugh as well.


This post is a part of Jabong Bloggers Contest. Jabong .com is a pioneer in online shopping in India, promises to fulfill all your style based needs through its wide range of lifestyle products for men, women & kids.



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  1. Jabong has set very different limits for itself. It is good in its own way.


    ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: Neha Kaul
    Date: Sat, Jan 4, 2014 at 10:38 AM

    I used to buy with Myntra. Although I never faced any issues with them, I decided to try Jabong on my friend’s recommendation. I have had the worst experience shopping with Jabong. I ordered two items – kurta and a Nehru Jacket together. I received Kurta first and your systems showed that I received jacket. I decided to ignore thinking it might be a simple system entry mistake. I then placed a return request for kurta the day it started showing in your systems but little did I know that your entire IT systems are mess. Not only that your people dont understand. I called up thrice for my return because I was in urgency of vacating the house. I HATE JABONG FOR SO MANY FOLLOW_UPS. You have upset me beyond any consideration. I am generally constructive and try to provide improvement feedbacks but in your case, I dont feel like interacting more. I will also give strong feedback about this experience all over the web to spare people of the pain I faced.

    • Hi,
      Thanks for leaving your feedback here. Very sorry to hear about your bad experience. I hope Jabong would take care to improve their system and minimize such problems.

  3. is a great site. I love their TVCs too. But there are so many online shops in India now, it is just a matter of discovery and the customer stands to win. At, we have handpicked the best products from all these shops – small & big – to give you a wide ranging choice – for your shopping or simply window shopping.

    You must check out

    Similarly also check out – a small shop by two hair accessories enthusiasts and for some great Art picks.

  4. hey one question, I’m new to shop online.may be it sounds stupid I dn’t know I could’nt find any wishlist button in where is it? Help

    • I think they have recently made some changes to the user interface of the site. I couldn’t see any ‘Add To Wishlist’ button either in the product page. There’s now instead an ‘Add To Shortlist’ button right next to the ‘Buy Now’ button. Clicking it adds the product being viewed to a shortlist that is available on the bottom right side. The ‘Wishlist’ is still available in the drop down menu of ‘My Account’ on the top right side of the page. However, clicking it is giving an error notice. Maybe some more change is in the process.

      Note: My Account will become visible only if your are registered and logged in.

      The shortlist, I suppose, can be used without registration. And I experimented by adding a couple of products to it and then closing the browser. When I switched on the browser again and visited, the product was still available on my shortlist. However, it was not available on a different browser.

  5. It seems you have done a proper analysis before shopping from…nice blog post

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