Nokia Lumia 1080 Concept Phone

When it comes to smart phones, the bigger is definitely being considered better these days. The trend was unleashed by companies like Samsung with their super sized Android phones like S3, S4, Note and Note 2 and recently launched Mega. The big screens of such phones definitely increase the ease of usability and the pleasure of watching videos or playing games. But the size of these super sized phones makes them rather hard to carry along in pockets.

Just a few days ago, I was actually imagining (rather dreaming about and wishing for!) a smart phone that I could just wrap around my wrist and move on. It seems, that’s exactly where the mobile innovation is moving on these days – wrap around devices with flexible screens.

Here, for example, is one such flexible smartphone from Nokia:


The picture above (sent to me by 91 Mobiles) depicts Nokia Lumia 1080. I quite like the bold red and black contrast of the body and the way the display seems to be extending over the curve. I like the simplicity of the three touch keys at the bottom too, the name of the phone below them makes the bottom look kind of cluttered though.


Lumia 1080 is a Windows phone running on Windows 8.1 Operating System (Blue). The 5.0 inch display looks big and bright. It has a plastic OLED display with a Full HD resolution of  1920 x 1080 pixels. Lumia 1080 has 1.8 GHz Quad Core Processor and 2 GB RAM and is powered by 2500 mAh battery.

As the picture above shows, Lumia 1080 has 13 MP PureView camera with OIS and Xenon Flash. The secondary camera is 3.2 MP.

Overall, the device looks pretty impressive.


I do wonder however how securely would these super smart bracelets wrap around a wrist. If I spend big bucks to purchase a fancy gadget like this, I definitely won’t want my mind burdened with the fear of the device slipping out from my wrist with every bump or jolt. Neither would I want it to be too easy to be snatched away. Of course risk of loss and theft is there with other gadgets too. But a device wrapped around a wrist definitely has an extra bit of vulnerability. I just hope it comes with the necessary extra bit of security as well.

What do you think about such wrap-around phones? Would you like to carry one around your wrist?


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