The Shabdkosh App for Windows Devices

I love using smart gadgets, of course. That’s why this blog exists. However, my first and life long love is actually the love of books. I loved books even when I couldn’t read them. Believe it or not, the smell of a newly printed book tempted me more strongly than the sight of a chocolate.

As I grew up, parents and teachers encouraged me to read English books to improve my knowledge of English language. Also, English books always felt far more fun and interesting than Hindi books that often always seemed to be preaching some moral.

Well, I think my knowledge of English is fair enough now. But Hindi? Ah, these days I’m trying to read stories of Guru Rabindranath Tagore (via a Smartphone App, of course) and I’m feeling totally ashamed of myself! In every page I’m finding at least five words that I don’t know the meaning of! I definitely need a Hindi dictionary in my Tab.

Well, I haven’t yet searched for any Android App offering Hindi dictionary, but I do know that Windows platform definitely has one such app.

Shabdkosh App

This app is called, predictably, the Shabdkosh App and it is available for Windows 8 and Windows Phone. It allows for searching of Hindi meanings of English words, and vice versa. It also offers spoken pronunciations of words in both Hindi and English languages.

The app also comes with an auto-suggest feature which is helpful for finding words whose spelling may be uncertain to you. And for future reference of a newly learned word, the app has the ability to save the words you look up.

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