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When we talk of game shows on television, Kaun Banega Crorepati is undoubtedly the one that comes on top for Indian viewers. Whether it’s because of the charisma of Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, the show’s host, or the exciting format of the game itself, KBC has enjoyed a widespread popularity.

If you are one of the fans of KBC, here’s something to give you a taste of it. Yes, now it is possible to play this quiz game from the comfort of our homes. Of course, it won’t be the same thing. The questions on the computer screen won’t get repeated by Mr. Bachchan. And your correct answers aren’t going to win you cash either. But the game is still fun as a quiz that is sure going to enhance your knowledge. The KBC web game can already boast of garnering 4.3 million game plays in 3 months

The game can be played at In addition to the game, the website also offers interesting videos of the KBC TV show. The game is also available as apps for iPhone and Windows smartphone. But no Android app is as yet available for it, which is a pity. 

Anyway, here’s what I liked and did not like about this website:


1. Interesting Game: The quiz in itself is quite interesting. The questions are easy in the beginning, but start getting tough after six, seven questions. The web app offers the same gaming experience as the show by putting forward a question and giving four answer choices. The players also get the life lines and the usual scoring of points to climb up the money tree. Playing the game is quite fun. And once you get out, you can just hit ‘Play Again’ to continue playing.

2. Rich Video Content: The website also offers video clippings from the television show. This would surely interest the fans of KBC. Viewers can also watch the previous night’s full episode of KBC on this website. Also, the website hosts several videos of Mr. Bachchan reciting poetry etc.

3. Chance to Win: Okay, the web game does not reward you at every correct answer, but the players do have a chance to win goodies like an iPad if they reach the top of the money tree.

4. Other Features: The website also offers several other features like the “Globe Quiz” which is a globe-like interface. Here, the players can choose a part of the world and answer a trivia question. The “Insta Hot Seat” gives the users an interesting photo frame template. This template features the real Hot Seat of the KBC game and Mr. Bachchan. Users can insert their picture in this frame and share it among their friends on social networking sites. There is also a Photo gallery with images of Mr. Bachchan and a Message Wall on which people can leave their messages for Mr. Bachchan.

Did Not Like:

1. Clutter: I felt the website looked too cluttered.

2. Advertisements: Before you can start playing the web game, the website makes you watch a video advertisement of their sponsor that you can neither skip nor close. And you will have to watch this app every time you hit ‘Play Again.’

3. Not Rewarding: Okay, KBC game for us means winning rewards for correct answers. That isn’t the case here. An iPad is being offered to those who manage to reach the top of the money tree. But even getting that would be a chance of luck among the top scorers. That’s kind of disappointing. The website could have offered small rewards as gift vouchers, small goodies etc to make the playing of the web game rewarding.

4. No Android App: KBC game is also available as Windows and IPhone app, but it is not yet available as an Android app, which is also disappointing for an Android lover like me.

5. Registration and Facebook Connect: You cannot play the game without registering. And every time the game ends, a window pops up asking the player to connect the game with Facebook account. Now, I personally don’t like giving any website access to my Facebook information. So this was quite irritating for me, especially since it’s not going to benefit me in any way in terms of reward or chance to win anything. Connecting with Facebook isn’t compulsory and one can very easily hit ‘Skip,’ but it’s still very irritating to be asked for Facebook connect again and again, till you finally agree.

Overall, the KBC web app is interesting and fun to play, and the game can get really thrilling sometimes. The videos on the website are very entertaining too. But I would really like seeing more rewards offered for the players, and at various levels.


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  1. I want to register and participate in kbc 9 contest. please select me and give me one chance. only one opportunity to play on hotseat plzzz

  2. I want to register and participate in kbc 9 contest. please select me and give me one chance. only one opportunity to play on hotseat

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