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Line Messaging App update for Blackberry and Nokia Asha Phones

Line for Blackberry

So I was browsing through the apps I have downloaded on my smartphone. What surprised me was the number of social messaging apps I have. What surprised me even more was the realization that I have more social messaging apps on my phone than friends in my life. Sad, but true. But I’m not alone in this predicament, I guess. For today, we live in a world where we may get connected to thousands of people from across the world, but often don’t even know our next door neighbour well.

Anyway, talking about social messaging apps, here’s a bit of news about an update that one popular social messaging app received recently.

As per the information I got, the  LINE messaging app recently rolled out some updates extending the usability of Line for Blackberry and Nokia Asha phone users.

LINE is a free messaging app that provides not just text messages but also cool stickers, and free app to app voice and video calls on iOS and Android devices, and also PC. Other features of the LINE app include Timeline, photo and video sharing and voice messaging and access to discounts and deal coupons exclusively for LINE users.

But the recent update is especially for people using the Blackberry and Nokia Asha phones.

The update for Blackberry adds to the LINE integration with BBM™ and also push notifications when the app is closed and several new stickers. The usability of URL Links in chat rooms has been improved too.

Line update for Nokia Asha Users has brought in some  free stickers. These include 4 basic and 4 special stickers for each country – They can be acquired by going through the following steps: Setting>Free stickers>Download. The recent Line update has also changed the user interface, the On/Off button has been replaced with a checkbox

I don’t know whether the LINE for Blackberry and Nokia Asha phones still has as many features as Line for iPhones or Android. I personally haven’t tried LINE on any operating system other than Android. So I can’t review its performance on devices of other operating systems. But I do know that LINE is one of the most popular free messaging apps these days. So, if you want to try it out, here are the important links:

Download Links:





Website of LINE

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