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The Best Game Ever – For iOS, Android and Windows Devices


Not being able to focus on anything else till a game objective is achieved, well, that’s not really my habit, nor a compulsion I suffer from. And so , I don’t think, I can honestly call myself as a ‘gamer.’ My cousin and my nephew actually would laugh at my face if I dare to claim any such title in their presence. Yet, when there comes an opportunity to try a new game, and when that game is called the Best Game Ever, it’s hard to resist!

The ‘Best Game Ever’ has been created by the TingTong Apps Co. Ltd., located in Thailand. Now, TingTong in Thai language means positively crazy, and the Best Game Ever developed by TingTong too has all the ingredient to make an addicted gamer go crazy.

The Best Game Ever is available for iPhones, iPads, Android devices , and Windows smartphones. It is an ‘endless’ type of game. That is, if the player is skillful enough, the game can go on and on. Such ‘endless’ games can often become a bit monotonous. The Best Game Ever tries to ward of this monotony by incorporating 12 attractive and varied themes , and different bonus levels with very different game play. This one single game combines in it many popular and different game styles like Ninja, Zombie, Candy, Aliens, Devil, Pirate, Rambo, Elves, making it varied and entertaining. And yet, the game still manages to retain the familiarity of dear old-school games.


According to  TingTong Apps CEO and designer of the app, Chris Krol, “We’ve made extensive research to find a question – what most users of mobiles love most in their games? Then we simply put it all in one game to create The Best Game Ever. This mobile app will make a revolution for all the mobile gamers – simply, because we are also gamers and we put all our heart to design The Best Game Ever, that we would love to play by ourselves.”

And according to Arthur Tochowicz, It Director of the company, “We wanted to bring the enjoyment and magic to the world of all mobile players. And to make sure we could deliver the fun to as many people as possible, we decided to offer The Best Game Ever at no cost!”

Yes, the Bes Game Ever is absolutely free, but some in-game features can be bought for money.

I had the opportunity of trying out this game a few days before its launch. And here’s what I feel about it:


Game Play: The game play is simple. You just have to jump your way down and collect bonus items and not  jump where the deadly items are. But actually playing this is not really that simple. It is fast paced, and if you are not fast enough, or skillful enough, losing  play lives is a matter of seconds. The play gives three free lives per game to the player, that is, three chances per game. Which, in my case, got over much too quickly till I managed to get some skill in the game. There are three Boosters that can be selected at the start of the game to score better and survive longer. But they cost crystals. The crystals are also needed to unlock the various themes. Gathering the required crystals works as an objective to compel the player to play on. The game has two modes, one is Normal and the other is Hardcore.

Graphics: The Best Game Ever has 12 different themes, all with HD graphics. However, there’s nothing like water slides, or light and shadow effects that we have seen in some other games. The graphics too have an old school feel to them, despite being HD . As for effects, there are blasts, there are falling coins, electric streaks, flying rockets, stars and mooing cows etc which add to the variety of the game and keep it entertaining and thrilling.

Sound: The music is peppy, but I rather preferred it with the volume turned low than at the maximum. Later on, I even started keeping it muted. The volume of the music can not be controlled from within the game. The game only has the option of playing the music, or silencing it. And similar option for the sound effects. The sound effects that include  blasts triggered by bonus items, falling coins, mooing cows or the sound of falling down to death also reminded me of games I used to play when a child. But they go very well with the game play and make it more entertaining. I enjoyed the sound effects, however, I can’t say the same about music.

Ease of Play: The game is not easy to play and takes some practice to develop skill in it enough to survive more than two minutes. One needs to acquire the tricks to survive in it and to avoid the dangers. The game play itself is not complicated, but surviving in it is not easy either. However, once the skill is developed, the game has the potential to provide the edge of the seat thrill to the gamer.


Customizable Controls: The controls are available in two presets. What’s more, the size of the control can be increased or decreased and the control buttons can even be re-positioned to suit the ease of the player! I really liked that.

Themes and Bonus Levels: I really enjoyed the variety that different themes and bonus level add to the game. While the themes need to be unlocked using the crystals gathered, the bonus levels get triggered by landing on the bonus items. There are several different kinds of bonus levels making the game even more varied, despite still remaining an endless jumping down game.

Performance: The game did not lag on my phone. But it did make my device quite warm. A couple of times it crashed when I tried to play after selecting a Booster. But on the whole, it ran smoothly on my device.

What I like best about Best Game Ever: Variety of themes, interesting bonus levels, mooing cows which is a cute touch, thrilling and fast paced game and customizable controls. And of course, it’s free!

What I wish for: I wish there were some options in the game to adjust the volume of the music and sound effects. I wish that the game had a sort of training level to begin with, or started off with slower speed and fewer items. It is my belief that a person likes that game best in which he or she is most skillful. And a game that is hard from the beginning might deter some player from continuing at it till they develop skills in it.

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