My journey with Techn0Treats featured as #sheinspires story on jabong

Jyoti Arora, blogger at techn0treats, author of two novels

When I started this blog Techn0Treats, I never expected to continue it for long. I truly believed that I’d get bored of it within a few months and would close it down. But when Techn0Treats was just a few posts old, it won me the delight of being called a Samsung Mobiler. After that, more wins, delights and adventures followed and my love with technology and with blogging about it is only growing stronger and stronger.

Recently, as part of International Women’s Day celebration, Jabong invited women bloggers of India to share their blogging stories. I shared the story of how and why I turned into a tech blogger. And I’m happy to inform here that my story has found a place on jabong and has been featured as one of #InternationalWomensDay #SheInspires stories.

If you feel interested, you can also know more about me and my novels at my website:

Jyoti Arora

Jyoti Arora is post graduate in English Literature and Applied Psychology. Jyoti has two great passions: books and gadgets. Her love of books turned her into a novelist. You can know more about her books at Jyoti's love of gadgets turned her into a technology blogger too and is the result of that.

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