Pray for Nepal Charity Stickers by LINE

Pray for Nepal LINE Charity Stickers

With the devastating earthquake wrecking havoc in Nepal and some parts of India, the visuals being aired on TV are nothing less than nightmares. It’s no wonder that aide is rushing to Nepal from all around the world.

Moving forward with this sentiment, LINE Corporation has also launched a new batch of Charity Stickers to contribute their bit in the relief efforts in Nepal. This new set of stickers is called Pray for Nepal. These are paid stickers. The set can be purchased for 0.99 USD or 50 LINE Coins globally. Proceeds from the sales of these stickers will go to Japanese Red Cross Society’s relief fund and will be utilized to help and rehabilitate the victims of Nepal earthquake. The stickers are expected to remain available from April 28 to May 31, 2015.

As per the information I got, similar Charity Stickers by LINE managed to accumulate the fund of JPY 58,773,190 in 2014 for Typhoon Haiyan Relief in Philippines. For the victims of Tohoku Earthquake, similar stickers gathered a donation of JPY 27,892,900.

The Charity Stickers are cute and cheerful and can help you bring relief to a needy. So go ahead and check them out.

LINE Sound Stickers

On another note, I’d also like to add here that LINE also recently launched another set of innovative stickers. These are Sound LINE Stickers that feature  Paul McCartney’s Voice. This sticker set is called “Chat with Paul McCartney” and these stickers carry with them original sound recordings of Paul McCartney. These too are paid stickers and can be purchased globally from the LINE Sticker Shop. As of now, the Sound Stickers have only Paul McCartney’s voice. But we can hope that pretty soon we’ll have sound stickers of more famous personalities. I’m guessing sound stickers of Bollywood stars and famous dialogues will win quick popularity in India, if LINE ever brings them out.

LINE’s stickers are one of the most popular features of LINE free calls and messaging app. With the addition of these two new sets, consumers now have more choices. The Sound Stickers can be quite fun, especially for those who are Beatles’ fans.

For now though, check out the Pray for Nepal stickers and spread on the smiles not just to your friends but also to those who might have lost everything in the recent devastating earthquake

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