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LG Urbane Smartwatch – Features and Price

LG Urbane review

It was in LG’s annual tech show that I first saw it. And although it looks much too big to suit on my thin wrists, I still spent a long time trying it out and checking its features. What is it? It’s Urbane, the latest smartwatch by LG.

Well, Urbane had made only an appearance at that time to tantalize its fans in India. But the good news is that it is now available in India. Well, if you have been waiting for it, I guess you already know that. But if you don’t know about it yet, then here let me tell you.

Urbane is an Android Wear smartwatch. It was unveiled at Mobile World Congress 2015 and received much appreciation. What makes Urbane special is that it looks just like a premium watch, but has the functionality of a smartwatch. It has circular POLED display, full metal body and several very useful features. As per the information I got, Urbane is available in Rose Gold and Silver variants. And its band can be replaced with any other 22mm leather, silicone or metal strap. So if one doesn’t like the original strap or wants variety, one can easily use another alternative.

Talking about LG Urbane, Mr. Amit Gujral, Marketing Head, LG Mobiles India said, “With LG Watch Urbane, LG once again brought an amalgamation of a beautiful design and high end technology for its consumers. It’s best termed as a ‘Genuine Smartpiece’. It carries the latest android OS and includes features that are available for the very first time on any Android wear device. LG has been consistently launching smartwatches and this demonstrates our commitment towards wearable devices in India. ”

LG smartwatch, price of LG Urbane

The LG Urbane is capable of connecting to a Wi-Fi network. Some of its apps can keep the screen of the watch awake for as long as they are running. Another interesting feature allows the user to draw an emoticon on the screen. The Urbane then recognizes the emoticon and shares it with another Urbane device or connected smartphone or computer. I would really like to try this out. How cool it would be to send a smile to a distant friend by just drawing a smiley on your watch!

Urbane allows the users to see the important notifications even while using another app, Other features include LG Call which allows the user to check the recent call log and call back from the watch and LG Pulse which can monitor the pulse rate over extended duration, without any maximum time limit,  and display the average heart rate at the end.

Besides the strap, the watch faces and the font size of the display can also be customized.

However, unlike smartphones, smartwatches are still a luxury. And LG Urbane being a premium device bears the hefty price tag of Rs. 30,000. It would be interesting to see how it competes with other smartwatches currently available in the market.

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