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Delhipedia - app to explore DelhiDelhipedia. What does the name suggest? The encyclopedias that your parents forced you to read when you were a child? Or the ever helpful Wikipedia that you reached out to every time you needed to complete an educational project?

Well, Delhipedia does give information about Delhi. But not through boring long texts. Delhipedia showcases Delhi through videos.

Delhipedia has been founded by Mr. Arjun Pandey, a well-known and multi-award winning documentary filmmaker. His films have been showcased in over 170 countries and telecast on major broadcasters like Discovery Channel, BBC World and Doordarshan.

Delhipedia was launched in 2014. It has a dedicated Delhipedia channel on YouTube and has already amassed over 140,000 Facebook followers.

Besides the popular YouTube channel, Delhipedia has also launched its own Android app. Using this app, people in Delhi can watch videos of their chosen destination and find information about places of interest, including monuments, hotels, restaurants and entertainment hubs.

I downloaded this app to try it out. However, the app asked me to login using my Facebook account. That is something that I never like. The users must have alternative options for registering using email etc.

Anyway, I logged into the Delhipedia app. The app looks very simple and seems to be neatly designed. However, as I am not in Delhi, I was not able to do anything on it. The app showed me no destination as I was nowhere near to Delhi. I could only see blank tabs. The first Tab, I guess, is to show nearby locations. The second tab is for the places marked as Favourite. The third is a Settings tab where the user can input email address or phone number.

I’m not sure whether the app didn’t show me any places because I am not in Delhi or it just failed to work properly. But I think the app that seeks to provide information about a city must have a search feature. But I didn’t see any such feature in the app. And if the app really can only be used by people in Delhi and has no way of providing information to the rest, than it loses major points.

Anyway, not being able to use the app, I probably would not have written about it. But then I checked out the YouTube channel of Delhipedia and that left me much impressed. The videos on Delhipedia channel aren’t made by amateurs or just casual Delhi tourists. Those are high-quality professionally made videos that showcase various aspects, places and hubs of Delhi with much love, affection and clarity.

So if you are planning to visit or explore Delhi or if you can’t use the Android app, you can still check out the Delhipedia videos on YouTube and get to know more about Delhi.

Coming back to the Delhipedia android app, its developer’s website is not yet developed or it is going through maintenance. However, the Delhipedia app’s Privacy Policy page is up and you can check it out.

If you’d like to check out the app, you can download Delhipedia Android app from Google Play Store.

You can also connect with Delhipedia on facebook or check out the Delhipedia videos on YouTube. If you love Delhi and want to know it better or even if you just like watching travel shows, you’ll enjoy these videos.


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