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When I was a teenager, the only cars visible on Indian roads were Fiat, Ambassador and Maruti. Whenever I used to watch Hollywood movies, I used to wish we had the same variety of cool cars in India as was visible in those movies. Well, times have certainly changed! We now have a wide variety of cars in every budget range. Yes, even sight of luxury and super luxury cars is no longer rare for us.

However, only a very small percentage of us can afford these luxury and super luxury delights. That doesn’t mean we don’t dream about them. Wouldn’t you love to have a chance to zoom about in cars like Audi or Hummer?

If you answered Yes, then here’s a news for you. Droom, in partnership with Uber, has announced “Supercars on Demand.”

Droom is India’s first online marketplace to buy and sell automobiles and automobile services. It was founded in April 2014 in Silicon Valley. Droom’s services can be accessed via its website or through its Android or iOS apps.

Uber is a technology platform that offers a more convenient way to users to avail transportation services.


Together, Droom and Uber are offering Indian users a unique opportunity to drive around in dream cars like Audi R8 and Hummer. This is a very limited time opportunity. To avail it, you need to use the Uber app between 1 to 4 pm on July 15th, 2015. You need to tap on the slider to get your dream car and follow the steps required to have the chance to breeze around in a luxury car.

Talking about this Supercars on Demand opportunity, Rishab Malik, Co-founder & VP of Business Development, at Droom commented, “We are absolutely thrilled about this one of a kind event that we are hosting along with our partner Uber. Niche luxury cars are now just a click away with Droom. With this latest category, we now offer the widest range of pre-owned, exotic and classy cars for sale. Through this campaign we wish to bring people who have longed to enjoy a first-hand experience of super cars one step closer to owning their very own mean machine.”

Karun Arya, Communications Lead, South Asia & India, Uber, commented, “This is the first time we’re bringing #UberSUPERCARS to India, for real. Uber is all about providing amazing and unique experiences to its riders and this is one way of giving them an opportunity to sit back, relax and enjoy the supercar ride.”

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