Hindu Calendar App for Panachang, Muhurat and More

Android App for hindu calendar panchaang and muhurat

Our smartphones are really on a mission to act as our assistant in every field. Yes, every field, including spiritualism. There are countless apps offering digital, audio and video renditions of religious texts, aartees and so on. I’m sure there are numerous apps related to Hindu calendars as well. Recently, I was informed about one such app. The app is simply called Hindu Calendar App. But this app by Pulp Strategy Communications actually has much more than just Hindu calendar.

Honestly, at first I had no inclination to check it out. But then I did, just out of curiosity. And I was much impressed! The app offers a wealth of information, all arranged in a very simple interface.

As the name suggests, Hindu Calendar App has information pertaining to Hindu Calendar. It also offers a list of Indian festivals and fasting days. When you tap on any particular festival or auspicious day, detailed information about it appears, including legends related to it. Scrolling to different tabs on the page of a particular festival, you can find out about its rituals, get recipes about customary festive food for the occasion and know the Aaartee/Katha to be recited and much more.

There’s a section where you can check out Panchang. The app also includes a Horoscope section where the user can read daily, weekly, monthly or yearly horoscope for Zodiac signs. Many of us don’t care much about panchang or such stuff. But most of us still find reading about our zodiac signs interesting. So this section is a great addition to the app.

The app also has several other interesting and useful sections, all accessible from simple grid layout of the Homepage. These sections include one that offers recipes of festive Indian food. One section gives information about Pooja vidhees or rituals for various occasions. There’s also a section that features famous Indian temples and gives interesting and detailed information about them.

In addition, the app makes it simple to add events and reminders to the calendar.

All in all, an app that can come handy for various purposes related to auspicious occasions, festivals and rituals of Hindus. If you are looking for an app for Hindu calendar, or an app for Panchaang or Muhurat, this app is worth checking out.

Download Hindu Calendar App by Pulp Strategy Communication from Google Play

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