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Orahi carpool appCommuting on city roads is a hassle. And it is expensive. And when one needs to commute long distances every day to reach office, car pooling is an option that’s not just environment friendly but also pocket friendly.

However, not all people might have contacts with whom a carpool can be arranged. Well, as usual, here comes your smartphone to the rescue!

Orahi carpool app is available for Android and iPhone and it allows users to find people with whom they can carpool. The app is free, but the carpool service is charged. If the user uses it as passenger, he pays. If the user uses it as car owner and drives, he earns. As per the information I got, “ORAHI has witnessed 25,000 registrations overall, with about 4 Lac KM already under its belt thereby saving 70 Tons of CO2.”

To use the service, the user just needs to input details regarding the pickup location and the destination and then search for compatible co-riders. From the search result, you can choose whom you wish to contact and chat with them from the app, without revealing your phone number.

To pay for the carpool, the app is to be recharged. However, Orahi offers the first ride for free so users can try out the service without paying. However, registration is necessary to use the app.

The idea of the app sounds unique and useful. However, being a girl, I can foresee other girls hesitating before agreeing to ride with strangers. Considering that,  the app offer a ‘Women Only’ option using which women users can fix carpools with other women. The app also allows users to chat with co-riders and even to call them. The app also mentions three-tier verification to ensure security. In addition, it has an SOS button which can trigger emergency messages to chosen contacts in times of emergency. Considering all that, the app appears quite a useful tool for office goers who wish to setup carpools. Definitely a time, money and energy saver!

The Orahi service is as yet only available in Delhi and NCR. But there are plans to expand the service all over India soon.

If you’d like to check out this app, here are the links:

Orahi Website

Google Play


And if you are a user of this app, then do let us know about your experience of it. Your experience can benefit other readers of this post.


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