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Astrospeak - astrology app

Whether we believe in horoscope, astrology, numerology etc or not, most of us enjoy trying them out to know about our future. It is another matter however that at least half of those who read their horoscope regularly forget about what they read within five minutes.

But there are many people who seriously believe in astrology, tarot, numerology etc. And for them, there are numerous apps available for smartphones. Recently, Times Internet also launched an app for astrology. It is called Astrospeak. The specialty of this app is that it provides several different ways of knowing about your future. It has daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes, it has numerology, Tarot, compatibility meter and even a way to get answers for your questions based upon Chopais from Ram Charit Manas.

The basic functionality of these features is free, but if you want particular options and solutions, you can access paid options. The charges start from 500 rupees and can be upto 10,000 rupees depending upon the service. The Vastu services are most expensive of the lot.

The app is easy to use. I did not much like the colour scheme though. It is a bit too dark for my taste. And the horoscope description etc. and Tarot cards might have looked better if shown in a little bigger size. Also, it requires internet connectivity to run.

Anyway, I tried the day’s horoscope. It was evening so most of the day had passed. And my experiences of the day looked no way similar to that mentioned in the Horoscope. But then, that has been my experience in every reading of such general horoscopes.

prashnavali from Ram Charit Manas

I also tried the Prashnavali or question answer feature of Ram Charit Manas Chopais. It might have been fun, had it not given me such disappointing predictions of my hopes. But I quickly learned to draw from it the answer that I desired. Just touch your finger on the area of the square that has the positive answer and you will get positive and hopeful answers every time. Of course, that will become a little more difficult if you use it with closed eyes.

If you’d like to check out the app, you can download Astrospeak from Google Play

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