Guest Post: Top 5 Most Creative Applications of Voice Tech

The world is quickly advancing towards the use of digital technology. Every day, developers are coming up with technological innovations that work to improve people’s everyday lives. One of the field that has benefitted from innovative minds is voice technology. Many developers have come up with several voice technology apps that have taken the voice space by storm. Below are some of the most creative applications of voice tech that we came across as we were doing rounds on the internet.

Siri Assistant App

Siri is a voice technology app designed and developed by Apple to be used on their iPhone devices. This voice technology app works as a personal knowledge and assistant navigator. This app features a natural language user interface that is capable of answering questions, making recommendations, and delegating requests to a set of web services. The app both as an iOS feature and in its original version, adapts to the user’s searches and language use, and returns search results that are individualized. According to the research conducted by Stone Temple Consulting, this app uses cloud-based speech recognition technology to analyze words, process voice and interprets the voice using data collected from cloud.


Ford Sync is a mobile communication app within your vehicle. This app is available for selected vehicles. It is installed and integrated into selected vehicle’s entertainment and communication system. Ford Sync allows users to control music, find information on weather conditions, make hand-free calls and control other functions with the use of voice commands. The first two generations of this app are MyFord Touch and Ford Sync, which run on Microsoft’s Windows Embedded Automotive operating system. The third generation of this app is Sync 3 which runs on BlackBerry’s QNX software.

Dragon TV App

Sometimes TVs come with complicated menus that may take time to operate. Dragon TV app is the latest voice recognition software that scans through the TV’s menu by use of the user’s words. Say that you were searching for the movie by Jason Statham and the voice tech immediately pulls up several movies for this movie star. The app features voice recognition technology to help identify and operate television interfaces. With this app, you will be able to experience the comfort of controlling your TV through voice tech while sitting on your coach.

Dragon Mobile Assistant App

Voice technology software are not developed just for entertainment only. With identity fraud becoming a threat to many individuals and corporations, developers have turned to creating voice technology innovations that provide answer to this problem. One of these technology voice technology applications for identity fraud is the Dragon Mobile Assistant app. The system uses stored voice biometrics to combat fraud done over the mobile technology. The system is capable of creating audio voiceprints that can be attached to an individual’s name and account. Once a person’s information has been stored in a central database, the caller’s voice can be easily identified if he or she makes the next call.

Virtual Voice

Virtual voice is designed to use the speech recognition and text to speech (TTS) features on any Android device. It was designed with mute and deaf people in mind, to make it easier for them to communicate with others without use of sign language. The app has a simple interface, with large features that can be easily operated by this category of people. If you have problems getting it to ‘speak, make sure the TTS feature is turned on. If you have problem getting to ‘listen,’ turn on the listen feature.

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