LG Door-In-Door Refrigerator

When I think about refrigerators, my first memory is stealing Amul butter and chocolates from it when my mother was not looking and removing the magnetic vegetable stickers from it to play kitchen with my friends. However, the refrigerators of today already look so interesting that I don’t think they need any magnetic stickers to beautify them. For example, I was recently looking at the details of 889 Litre Door-in-DoorTM Refrigerator by LG. And I was amazed at how many features and innovations are now available in refrigerators.

Let me quickly tell you the features of this door-in-door refrigerator to show you what I mean:

LG Door-In-DoorTM RefrigeratorDesign:  This 889 Litre Door-in-Door Refrigerator by LG, boasting of Artiline steel finish exterior, has not one, not two, not three, but FIVE doors! The five separate doors and compartments behind them will certainly please those who like keeping things organized. Instead of having to stow all their food items in one compartment, they can divide and distribute according to the frequency of use etc. And instead of opening the whole mega size refrigerator, just open one compartment. That will reduce the loss of cooling and save electricity.

Water & Ice Dispenser:  The five doors of this refrigerator include a dispenser in one of the upper doors. This dispenser allows the user to get ice or water without having to open the fridge.

Power: The Door-in-Door refrigerator has LG’s High Density Insulation and the innovative Inverter Linear Compressor which ensures power efficiency.  The compressor has 10 years of warranty. It has been designed to sensitively manage the variable load conditions and ensure efficient cooling. The automatic control of the cooling capacity according to the inner and outer temperature of the refrigerator can save upto 32% energy and can reduce the noise level by 25%.

Cooling: The refrigerator has digital sensors that monitor and quickly respond in case of warm food being kept in the fridge or the door being left open. This helps in maintaining a stable cooling inside the refrigerator.

Hygiene Fresh: The refrigerator is also equipped with an air purifying device called Hygiene Fresh+TM.  It minimizes the odors thorugh double carbon deodorizers. Its Double Photocatalyst and UV LED eliminates bacteria and deodorize and the system provides 99.999% anti-bacterial performance.

Multi Air Flow:  This range of refrigerators also include LG’s Multi Air Flow feature that uses multi-flow air vents located at numerous places in the refrigerator.  This feature helps in maintaining better air circulation and even cooling throughout the refrigerator and helps in keeping food items stay fresh for longer.

Customization: The shelves are foldable to help users adjust the storage space as required. The storage space also includes a separate space for cheese, eggs and other non-veg items. The door basket  can also be adjusted as per the height of the items that need to be stored in the door.

LED Lighting: Instead of one protruding bulb that cuts down on the storage space, the interior of this refrigerator is lighted by intelligently placed LED lighting which saves space and increases the brightness within the fridge and also gives it a more premium look.

Moist Balance Crisper:  The 889 Litre Door-in-DoorTM Refrigerator comes with a grid patterned Moist Balance Crisper that prevents excess moisture from forming while retaining the necessary moisture, thereby helping to keep fruits and vegetables to stay fresh for longer.

The 889 Litre Door-in-DoorTM Refrigerator with Water & Ice Dispenser is priced at MRP Rs. 260990. It is available at select LG Brand shops across India. Sounds like an interesting option for those looking for refrigerator with innovative design, efficient performance and useful features. However, considering its price and size, it won’t fit into every budget or home.

Jyoti Arora

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