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ZGPAX S79 – A Highly Affordable Smartwatch

S79 blutooth smartwatch

The trend of wearable devices is on the rise. Especially Smartwatches are enjoying good popularity among those who can pay for them. I’m sure more people would use them if these smartwatches come with more affordable  price. But they are expensive, aren’t they? Many costing above 15,000 Rs.

Is there any affordable smartwatch option, one might wonder. Yes, indeed. There indeed are smartwatches available that not only have all the major features of the premium smartwatches but are also very affordably priced. Let me tell you about one such smart watch that I came across today while browsing the web.

This is ZGPAX S79 Bluetooth Smartwatch Phone. The name might be long, but the price is small. But I’ll reveal the price later.

S79 is a smartwatch that connects with smartphones via Bluetooth connection. In addition, if you insert a SIM card in the watch, it can also turn into an independently functioning phone capable of calling and receiving messages. But the watch only works as a phone on GSM850/900/1800/1900MHz GSM networks.

Specifications:  S79 has 1.54 inch D Arc HD Capacitive touch screen with 240 X 240 resolution. It can be worn on wrist sizes between 16cm to 22cm. It is 41mm in width, 48mm in length and 13mm in thickness. The straps are 93mm and 130mm in length.  The watch weighs 0.060 kg. It is compatible with memory card upto 8GB. It has 0.3MP camera which can record videos. It has a SIM card slot, a TF card slot and even a USB slot. The battery is 320mAh. It is compatible with Android as well as iOS smartphones.

Design: The watch has a rounded edge design for more classy appearance.  The watch frame is durable and glossy stainless steel. It is available with several colour options in the straps, including blue, pink, golden and grey. The straps are made up of high quality rubber. There’s no leather strap option though. The watch has a pin-buckle design for ease of wearing. The Home Screen has a nice visual design with bright and colourful app icons surrounding the clock. The Home Screen is customizable with several clock faces.

affordable smartwatch

Features:  The watch connects to compatible smartphones using Bluetooth connection. It has a Dialer which can be used to dial a number to make a call from the smartphone. When a SIM card is inserted in the watch, it can be used as an independent phone as well for making and receiving calls and messages. It syncs with the smartphone to make available information like contacts, call log, messages etc. on your wrist. The syncing also allows users to play music on the phone, change tracks, increase and decrease volume from the smartwatch. The watch also has Sound Recorder, Alarm, Calendar and Calculator features.

Camera: The watch allows the users to click photos from their smartphone by tapping on their watch. It also has an inbuilt 0.3MP camera that can click pictures and record videos from the watch as well. However, as it’s only 0.3MP, the quality of the photos and videos would not be equal to the photos and videos taken from the phone.

Health Features: The watch also has some useful health features built into it. These include Sleep Monitoring, Pedometer and Sedentary Reminder. The Sleep Monitor monitors your sleep and lets you know whether you are getting a good sleep or not. The Pedometer can help in monitoring your exercise by recording the steps you take, distance covered and calories consumed while exercising or playing or going through your daily activities. The Sedentary Reminder, I guess, is to remind a person that he or she is being too lazy.

Anti-lost Feature:  The watch has a very interesting feature that can actually save you from losing your phone. This is the Anti-loss feature which starts ringing an alarm if it detects that the connected smartphone is more than 6 meters away. That is, if you move away from you phone, your watch would remind you not to forget your phone that you have left behind!

Availability and Price: The smartphone can be bought from GearBest. Yes, they offer international delivery. The standard price of ZGPAX S79 Bluetooth Smartwatch Phone is $36.50 (2,600 Rs. approx.). But currently it is being sold at $25.74 (1,700 Rs. approx.).

Overall, the watch sounds very interesting. It has all the important features that help in remotely controlling the smartphone for making and receiving calls and messages, taking photos, recording videos, playing music. With a SIM card inserted, it can also make and receive calls and messages like an independent phone. In addition, it also has useful health features and utilities like alarm, calendar, calculator etc. The inbuilt camera and the battery power are a little disappointing though. Also, there’s no leather option for the straps. But for a price that’s less than Rs. 3000, it sounds like a fair deal, especially if it manages to please in performance and durability as it pleases in features.

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