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VU Iconium Series 4K UHD SMART LED TV


VU Iconium 4K UHD TV

In this festive season, are you looking for a brand new luxury television set? Of course, the market is flooded with options. We now have curved television, Ultra HD televisions, televisions with POLED displays and so on.

I recently read about yet another luxury television range that was recently launched in Indian market. This is VU’s Iconium Series with 4K UHD SMART LED television series. The Iconium series televisions are available in 55’ and 65’ sizes and prices range from INR 63,000 to INR 1, 35,000.

Talking about this new range, Devita Saraf, CEO VU Technologies commented, “Our aim is to deliver world class technology combined with luxury to our consumers. Iconium series enhances the viewing experience to a different level with incredible features and a classy look.”

VU claims that the televisions are equipped with world’s most advanced image quality enhancement technology which helps in providing superior image quality. The 8 million pixels of the ultra HD display also enhance the viewing experience. The televisions sets are also equipped with the 1:1 pixel mapping processor which makes it possible for the television to automatically match the original resolution when the user connects other gadget to the VU TV. There’s also an interpolating feature that allows the user to select different level of motion. Honestly, I’m not sure what that means since I haven’t yet personally seen it in action.

VU gives  A+ Grade panels. These A+ Grade panels eliminate ambient light reflection so that there’s no distraction on the screen while viewing.

And being a smart TV, it of course has several smart features. For example, apps like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or net browser can be opened with remote control.

However, as I mentioned earlier, the Indian market now has no dearth of options when it comes to smart and premium televisions. It would be interesting to see what position VU manages to achieve with this brand new Iconium series of television. They certainly don’t yet enjoy the recognition that brands like Samsung, LG and Sony have in India. It might be a hard race to win for VU but a combination of good technology and competitive pricing might do the trick.

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