Smartphone Addiction is Not Age Related


When I was a kid, I used to love watching the Science fiction series StarTrek. Besides the characters of the show, I was fascinated by the technological innovations shown in it, like the handheld communication devices.

And now, thanks to smartphone technology, I too have them! Unfortunately, I fear my fascination with them has turned into an addiction now. But I am not so much to blame, am I? The smartphones are so fascinating, if you just show one to a baby, even the kid would want to hold it forever!

But it’s not just young people who get addicted to smartphones.

A couple of years ago, my father quitted his post-retirement job and agreed to try out a more restful routine. “But what will I do? I will get bored,” he worried.

That was when I gifted smartphones to my parents and showed them Facebook, WhatsApp etc. My parents learnt quickly and became addicted even more rapidly (but, of course, they are parents of a tech blogger!). Besides, their Android devices are powered by Octacore processors and have the speed and efficiency of 4G. And so, they never faced any problem of phone hang-up or discouraging speed issues while net browsing, WhatsApping or using apps to make free calls to their friends and family.

And while my father was once worried about getting bored, the situation now is such that his Android phone needs to be charged twice in a day, almost every day! And almost every day too, I have to call out, “Dad, leave the phone now. The dinner is getting cold!”

My father has become adept in sending and receiving emails, Facebook posts and WhatsApp messages on his 4G enabled Octacore powered smartphone. He also enjoys Pinterest, Flipboard and StumbleUpon and regularly reads his favourite blogs. And the games like Freecell have definitely found a daunting rival in him. He keeps on challenging and defeating them on his phone, all through the day.

Well, when it comes to games, even my mother is an international champion of her favourite smartphone game Papi Drive. No, I’m neither kidding nor exaggerating. Even my teenage nephew can’t rival her.

And she actually gets more WhatsApp messages than I do!

Every day, while I work on computer, my parents sit across the table and remain busy in Whatsapping. Often even to each other. If not that, then they play games and compare scores. I tell you, I feel really jealous at such times. I mean, the kid of the house is working and the parents are playing. How fair is that?

So when I tell you that addiction to smartphones in not related to age, trust me.

But then, smartphones aren’t just addiction. They won’t be so popular if they weren’t so useful as well. And this usefulness doesn’t just remain limited to young and busy folks. There are lots of apps that can prove immensely useful to elderlies as well. The shopping apps can help them in buying stuff, including grocery, without having to go out. Cab rental and travel booking apps can make their travel easier. There are some security apps that can send emergency messages to chosen contacts at the press of a button in emergency situations. Health related apps can help them in monitoring their health and exercise. The social networking and free messaging and calling apps can keep them busy, entertained and connected with their faraway family members. Moreover, the joy of using new technology is a matter of pride for senior citizens too.

So there, all hail smartphones!

Post written for  #Technocrats contest by Micromax on Blogmint

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