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2016: A Preview of the Best Upcoming Gadgets

Fellow technology obsessives know that 2016 is just around the corner and with it further developments in the gear and computers that run our lives. This year we got further advancements in smartwatch technology, and we are starting to see the birth of the virtual reality headset industry. Wearables aren’t going anywhere, and we can expect natural progression to take its course in a variety of industries. We are truly living in exciting times.


Here are just a few of the cool gadgets and technologies to look out for in 2016:

Apple Watch 2

If you’re into all the latest gadgets, perhaps you own an Apple smartwatch already (as shown above). If you were disappointed or are waiting for a better model, then you might want to keep an eye out for the Apple Watch 2. The battery life is said to last all day (much like an iPhone), and the watch is rumored to have a number of health sensors to help out those conscious about their own fitness. The biggest improvement is the rumored installation of a Facetime camera into the smartwatch, which will make communicating with others so much simpler for those on the go or unwilling to hold up a phone all day.

It will also have a different design and be less reliant on having an iPhone to function. It is due to come out roughly in the middle of 2016.

Blocks Modular Smartwatch

Blocks is an example of what can happen when Kickstarter and ingenuity come together. Think of a custom order on what you want your smartwatch to do. Don’t want any health tracking stuff on your smartwatch? Then go right ahead and not include that on your smartwatch. Personalization should be embraced, and this is an excellent example as to why to do so. Checking out the different modules they offer is a fun way in itself to kill a few minutes.

The only thing we might be wondering about is whether the smartwatch will be compatible with security features and programs to keep us safe from viruses, and whether it would be compatible with the best Virtual Private Networks (VPN) to keep us safe on public networks. Depending on whether you funded its Kickstarter you might be getting it earlier next year. Otherwise you might need to wait just a little longer.

The Soundwall

This one will be left to those with a lot of money to spend (costing several thousand dollars), but the Soundwall is a magnificent piece of technology. It is a work of art and incorporates sound in the form on music streaming into it. If you’re wondering where the speaker is, the piece of art itself is the speaker due to the technology it uses. It even has internet connectivity to enhance your experience.

The device is controlled by an app, and you can select from a wide variety of options to personalize your experience. There are also size options for your convenience. Exhibitions are already underway, meaning that you will certainly be able to get one next year, if not now.

Razer OSVR

There are a bunch of VR headsets in development or pre-release right now, but the Razer deserves your attention. It is an open source set, meaning that anyone is free to try and develop for it. This means that compared to the other sets we can expect a lot more innovation and a lot more experiments that will be interesting if not entertaining. Independent game development has been on the rise in the last few years, and this is the next stepping stone in that field.

Game engine plugins and hardware schematics are all on the table for people to use. Some tools are usable now but we can expect much more to come from the headset in the coming year.

Microsoft Hololens

It is unlikely that you’ll be able to get your hands on a Microsoft Hololens next year unless you’re a developer, but it looks so cool you may want to consider a temporary career change. The stylish glasses (which look nothing like the other bulky headsets as shown below) actually don’t work like VR headsets and instead project onto reality itself. This augmented reality is the next wave of visuals, and we can only imagine what developers are going to come up with when it comes to gaming, productivity, and day to day living.

Developers will probably have access the summer of next year, while consumers will have to wait quite a bit longer. Keep a lookout for it and similar products getting in the news.

VR technology

These gadgets vary quite a bit but at least one of them is certainly going to intrigue you. Try to imagine the possibilities and make a search for yourself as to what’s out there. There are probably more interesting gadgets in addition to these!

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