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LG Sound Bar Features

LG Soundbar

Listening to music must be the most common hobby of people. Almost everyone likes listening to songs. Different people have different tastes in music. But there’s one thing common among all music lovers. We all like listening to our favourite songs on devices that give good and high quality sound. And we all hate having to listen to songs on a music system and speaker that gives bad sound quality. That just spoils the mood, doesn’t it?

Anyway, I too love listening to songs. And since I got an LG Sound Bar, I love listening to them even more.

LG Sound Bar is a speaker sound system that can connect with TV, Set Top boxes, Laptop and smartphones and significantly enhance the sound quality.  LG Sound Bar is available in several models and at various price points.  Starting from Rs. 13,990, the current range of LG Sound Bar goes up to Rs. 55,990.

The model that I have is LAS450H (with 220 W RMS power output). It is priced at Rs. 18,990. It includes the main bar and a bluetooth woofer. The bar can be wall mounted. The wireless woofer can be kept anywhere within the bluetooth range of the sound bar.

LG Sound Bar can connect with LG smart televisions wirelessly. However, as our television set is not of the latest kind, I was not able to connect the LG Sound Bar with it. So I have connected it to the Set Top Box instead and it works just fine.  While my Sound Bar and its accompanying woofer are permanently installed near my TV, I can still use it to listen to songs from my laptop and smartphone via Bluetooth connection as well as using an aux. cable. I can also use the sound bar to listen to music directly from a pendrive.

The most important consideration while choosing a sound system is the sound output quality. The audio quality of my Sound Bar is refined, but it isn’t of the windows rattling kind loud. What I like is that the Sound Bar just fills up the room with refined and enhanced sound. When I start playing my favourite songs through it, it gets doubly hard to stop listening and start working.

There are four physical buttons on the top of sound bar. The front has a small digital display window to show what is playing. The ports are at the back of the sound bar which makes inserting pen drive a bit hard. It would have been great had the ports been more easily accessible.

LG Sound Bar comes with a remote control for controlling the media and sound more conveniently. The remote control options include Function key to select Optical (for TV), bluetooth, pendrive and Portable (for connecting to smartphone using aux. cable) and LG TV. There’s also a key to select the Sound Effects. These effects include Music, Cinema, Boost (my favourite), standard etc. The sound can further be customized using the tuner button to adjust the scale of treble, bass etc. The remote control also allows setting up Auto Volume and DRC (so the volume doesn’t blast out too loud upon starting). Other keys include Sleep and Auto Power.

The Sound bar can also be controlled using the LG Music Flow app on smartphone.

There are plenty of features that the LG Sound Bar is equipped with. Although I won’t say that this is the best audio system out there, but I like it quite a lot. It has made listening to music far more fun for me, without making it a headache for my parents.

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