Top 10 iPhone Apps of 2016

When it comes to searching about almost anything for your iPhone, we believe that everything is likely covered on Apple’s App Store. But, we also believe that you don’t really need to try everything out, we know you don’t want to be spending time on those apps that’s absolutely nothing special. So we provided a top 10 list that will surely save you time and is really worth checking out!


The personal digital assistant on windows phones and PCs, might ask why this is here? Well, why not! For those who don’t know, this is one of Siri’s competitor, which you are also allowed to ask questions, set location and time, a total versatile reminder, track packages, flights, scores, and other information. You might wonder that why would you need another assistant when Siri is already around for you, the major intent of this app is to connect iOS devices and Windows PCs and sync it properly across devices. We do tell you that it is not as powerful as Siri because of some restrictions (iPhone app development limitations) but it still does provide great convenience for dual-platform users.


TapeACall Pro

This is an app where you can record all calls that you’re on or will be receiving. With very minimal keys, it is sure easy to use and doesn’t require a lot of time just to operate it properly. You just have to open the app and hit the record icon when getting a call to generate a fresh new audio file, which you are able to transfer from your iPhone to your computer. You may also share this on social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter, or send via SMS or email. When it comes to usability and function, this is indeed essential, especially for those whose line of work needs such recordings

Tape calls pro


When it comes to beauty and fun, this iOS game is indeed magnificent in so many ways. It gives you that heartfelt relaxation as you go through obstacles in the dark underwater world. You will encounter other cool creatures and objects that will hinder your success, but you will still strive. Forgot to mention by the way, you are a glowing jellyfish that needs to eat a lot to make sure that your light will never fade because if it does, you will be swallowed by bigger fishes. This is a truly beautiful adventure game that you should definitely try playing.


CamScanner Pro

If you are a man who is quite sticky around paper works and needs to have a mobile scanner most of the time, this is the app that will ease your job like it was nothing. Make your iPhone into a very handy portable scanner that allows you to save documents as image files or PDFs instantly. You can arrange files while on the go, you can share it with your officemates by email, or just store it using cloud services such as Google Drive or Dropbox. It gives you high-quality scans with the use of your phone without any more complexity and drama.

cam scanner


Are you kind of an introvert, or having problems with depression? This is the best app to help you cope up with it and keep things under control. Absolutely recommended for anyone who is facing with depression or anxiety, it use proven cognitive behavioural therapy to ease the mind and relaxes the body. This app also includes a lot of other health methods to keep things in shape, so whenever you might feel a bit out of the norm, simply open it and follow what it has to say.



If you are a huge fan of retro arcade games, then you will certainly love this. Timberman is simply addicting even with its absolutely basic concept. The gameplay is easy, you just play as a lumberjack and have to chop down trees, continue to chop but avoid the branches while the tree gets shorter. It really is easy to understand, but the longer the play, it becomes harder and harder. Keep playing as you will soon unlock 20 new characters with an additional 3 different background.


BuzzFeed News

Finally, one of the most entertaining sites finally made their way through iOS and created their own app BuzzFeed News. This app will allow you to easily check on new stories all over the world, delivered by yours truly, BuzzFeed. They got everything for you, from the world of business, politics, technology, comedy, and other entertainment that will surely kill the boredom. And, if you need some news from The New York Times, you can also see it there as they highlight stories done by official publications.

Buzzfeed iPhone app


Are you extremely health conscious, or should I say a strict health enthusiast? Then this app will make it even more as it gives you the chance to see the air quality – by means of cleanliness – you breathe. It is simply a map that will show you a better path to avoid heavily polluted air along the way, so ready to smell the freshness.



If you believe in saving money as much as possible, or simply wants to keep track of how much you spend and give you a good insight about your budget, this is the app that suits you the best. No more complex charts, tags, and other annoying useless feature. This app is straightforward to simply track your money in just a short glance.


Around Me

When it comes to enjoying a new place, but suddenly has some short location problems such as seeking the nearest gas station or ATM, this app will help you through it all. Around Me is an app that will identify your location and will provide you everything from the nearest bank to the furthest bar. It relies on Google Maps for directions; this is an app that you should bring if you are an avid traveller.
AroundMe app

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