MyVote.Today App: Express Your Opinion

MyVote.Today questionWe are a nation of opinion givers. We have an opinion about everything, don’t we? Whether it is politics, cricket, or movies, or dressing trends, or whatever. So much so that we have made even our online social networking spaces into opinion broadcasters. (also propaganda broadcasters, unfortunately.)

Anyway, I was recently introduced to an app that seeks to invite users to express their opinions regarding various issues. The app is called MyVote.Today. The app presents to the users a question every day and invites their opinion by way of multiple choice poll. For every question, the users can select Yes, No or Not Sure. The question page also has a button which leads to more information about the issue being discussed.MyVote Today Features

The app is available in several languages, including regional Indian languages. The language of choice can be selected while setting up the app. The app requires the user to create a private or public account before casting the vote.

The app allows users to create their own polls and invite others to cast their vote. The polls can also be easily shared on social networks and through email etc.

Users can also browse through older polls in the Archive section. They can’t cast their vote in these older polls, but they can view the results. The app also allows user to Search for a particular topic or poll discussed on the app.

In addition, some new features including Sign Petition and News are about to be added soon. MyVote.Today Home

So far, the app discusses issues based on Indian situations. But very soon, its horizon are going to expand to US as well. MyVote.Today’s About Us page mentions that its purpose is to strengthen the democracy by enabling the citizens to express opinion about various issues. A very worthy purpose, surely. The app is easy and simple to use with a clean and bold user interface. I’d have liked it better had it not required the hassle of creating an account. But anyway, quite a fun app for those who enjoy giving their opinion. You can download MyVote.Today for free from Google Play Store


Jyoti Arora

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