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Fantastic Fun PC Games That Are Incredibly Addictive

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What PC games have you not been able to put down recently? We know there have been a few so let’s look at some of the best and find out what made them so appealing. We should mention we know there are games out there that are more addictive than these. But games like Angry Birds And Candy Crush are gaming junk food. They might taste good for a short period but there’s no substance to them. Ultimately, they won’t satisfy you. Here are some of the best games that will, available on PC right now.

Five Nights At Freddy’s

This game is still high on our list of fun experiences when we’re in need of a good scare. What is it that makes this game so much fun? It’s the unique, wonderfully simple gameplay that torments and terrorises the player. If you head over to Youtube, you’ll find thousands of videos of people playing Five Nights At Freddy’s. The reason is that it’s quite entertaining to watch grown men leap back at the site of a mechanical plush toy. You can play this game for hours, desperate to complete the level. That’s quite amazing considering there really isn’t much you can do, particularly in the first incarnation of this unique horror. Admittedly, the game has had a few sequels that didn’t quite live up to the spirit of the original. But they’re worth playing just to reach the twist ending that we certainly won’t spoil here.

Blade And Soul

Unlike the previous game on this list Blade And Soul is free to play. That’s a big advantage it holds over other games that are just as fun. It’s also got a massive map for the player to explore and a unique style. The graphics are absolutely stunning and if you want to pretend you’re a samurai, just relax and play Blade and Soul. The disadvantage is that this game can become quite repetitive, and that’s a shame. But the developers of this title had one more ace up their sleeve, and that’s the combat system. You’ll forget you’ve already completed a similar quest when you experience a Blade and Soul battle in all it’s glory. This is a game that comes highly recommended.

The Witness

The first breakout hit of the Season on PC has to be The Witness. The game reverts to the classic puzzle pieces of the early nineties but with next generation graphics. It’s a stunning game to behold and holds hours of puzzles. If you want excitement you’re probably better sticking with something like Blade and Soul. But for brain teasers that will keep you guessing for hours look no further than The Witness. Wake up alone on an island filled with mysteries in a game that will give you weeks of playtime. The only disadvantage is the price which is quite expensive for what is a rather basic design.

Have you played any of theses games this year? Which is your favourite?

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  1. Hi Jyoti, I never played such games even didn’t listen. I play Counter Strike and Call of duty. Anyway great post. Thank you