Hunt The Mad Rabbit – Win ZenFone Max

ASUS MiMi Sweepstake - win ZenFone Max

Frankenstein is not the only monster that was created due to a mistake in an ingenious experiment. Very recently, I heard of MiMi, the rabbit. He was an innocent creature, as all rabbits are. The only harm he did was nibbling on carrots without paying for them. Of course, that is a theft. And so, the farmer who caught MiMi eating carrots from his farm without paying decided to teach him a lesson. He took the rabbit to a genius scientist who had won many accolades in the scientific field. This scientist was so brilliant that once he had actually converted a plain old horse into a dashing unicorn!

The scientist was of course delighted to have the rabbit for his experiments. Now, mind you, we strongly condemn experiments conducted on animals. But that scientist didn’t. So without any mercy on the poor little rabbit. He decided he would give wings to the rabbit. Honestly, to me it seems that wings would have enabled the rabbit to commit even more thefts. But obviously, the scientist didn’t care about that. So he started conducting his experiments. But something went wrong in the experiment. And the rabbit didn’t acquire wings. He acquired madness instead. Despite being mad, he managed to escape the laboratory and go back into the village. And there he is now terrorizing the villagers and ruining the farms.

The villagers are requesting the global community to help them to squash the rabbit by exercising the mighty powers of their fingers.

Yep, you heard right. Fingers. Because you see, all this is in a game that ASUS has created. The game is simple. The rabbit pops out from the many holes it has created in the ground. Hit it before it pops back in again. The game can be played on computer as well as smartphone. I tried on both and found it easier to play on smartphone. To play this game, you need to login using your Facebook credentials.

And before I forget, the game is not just for fun. It is also a chance for you to win ZenFone Max and other goodies like gift vouchers and Zenny pen drives. This MiMi Buster sweepstake has already started and will end on 7th March 11:59 AM. The more you play, the better will be your chances of winning. Don’t forget to check the Terms & Conditions for eligibility requirements etc.

So there’s not much time left! Start squashing the rabbit at for a chance to win ZenFone Max!

WARNING: Don’t end up breaking the display of your old smartphone by going mad over the mad rabbit! Stay calm!

DISCLAIMER: No animals were harmed during the creation of this game. If any gets hurt during its play, it will be entirely your fault.

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