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UP3 Healthband by Jawbone

up3 healthband in ruby colour

In the hectic lifestyle of today, our health often becomes the first casualty. We may form many resolutions about doing exercise, eating healthy etc. but these resolutions are short-lived. That is one reason why wearable smart health bands and smartwatches with health features are gaining such quick popularity. These health bands act like a personal trainer. They help user track their physical activity, their diet and their health status. And they act as an impetus to encourage people to stick to their health resolutions.

Several big brands have released smartwatches with some health features. And there are some brands that are offering smartwear devices like healthbands exclusively for health enthusiasts. These healthbands don’t just have some health features. They are exclusively designed to act as your health trainer.

One such brand is Jawbone, a world leader in consumer technology and wearable devices. Their UP system is designed to help people live a healthier life by tracking their sleep cycles, activity and food intake.

The latest healthband by Jawbone is UP3. When synced with the UP app on Android or iOS smartphone, this healthband acts like a 24X7 personal trainer. And best of all, it is sleek, stylish and unobtrusive. That is, it looks good too.

up3 healthband in sand colour

  • Sensors: UP3 is equipped with tri-axis accelerometer, bioimpedance sensors, and skin and ambient temperature sensors. Together, these sensors and the smart technology of UP3 can deliver health indicators like heart rate, even resting heart rate.
  • Track Sleep: This light-weight and slim healthband can be worn without any discomfort while sleeping. And its sensors monitor your sleep cycles and give in-depth information about your sleeping pattern and ways to improve it. I came across one review of UP3 that seemed to suggest it also has a smart alarm feature that rings when the user is in light sleep near the set alarm time. So the user wakes up when he or she is not too sleepy.
  • Activity Tracker: This wearable device is capable of automatically classifying user’s activities and identifying workouts like running, tennis etc. Thus it can automatically track how much exercise the user is getting.
  • Meals Tracking: UP, the companion app of UP3, can help the user track their calories intake. It even gives intuitive suggestions about recommended food items.
  • Smart Coach: This is another very useful feature of the UP3 healthband and its companion app UP (iOS & Android). This feature gives track of user’s progress and offers personalized guidance towards a healthier lifestyle. It catches information about user’s sleep, meals and biometric signals and gives suitable recommendations and suggestions.
  • Duels: People often feel that it is easier to stick with health and exercise goals when there is a companion keeping a watch over them or challenging them. UP app makes this easier with its Duels feature. It helps user challenge other users of the UP healthbands. These duels or challenges can help people stick to their diet and exercise resolutions more easily.
  • Long Wear: UP3 is made of anodized aluminum framework and has upto seven days of battery life for long wear. It is also water-resistant so can be worn even in a shower. In short, it can be worn 24X7.
  • Smart Design: Generally speaking, anything that is healthy is often boring and bland. But UP3 healtband looks quite good and interesting. It has been designed by leading industrial designer Yves Behar. It has a one-size-fits-all design. It is sleek and unobtrusive and can be worn with bracelets and wristwatches etc. The healthband is available in several colour options like Ruby, Teal, Sand etc.
  • UP3 by Jawbone is available at Amazon, Flipkart, Ebay and other retail outlets for the price of Rs.14,999. For more information about Jawbone wearable devices and UP system, check out https://jawbone.com/up

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