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If I were to pretend to be a seer capable of looking into the future, the easiest thing for me to guess would be that we’d have smarter gadgets and smarter homes. We’ll have gadgets that would be able to do more with less effort. We’ll have home with appliances that will be able to communicate with each other and perform the routine household chores either automatically or with more intuitive user interaction. And we’ll have a ‘super-internet’ connecting all this and letting us stay connected with our machines, no matter where we are. But most importantly, all will be achieved with less harmful impact on Nature. Smarter living with greener technology – that will be the golden rule of the future. And the focus would be on achieving more with less. Less resources, less effort and less harm to our environment.

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If we look at the present day gadgets and appliances, we are already moving towards this goal. Let’s just consider one brand, for example. As I have recently written about several of LG home appliances, let’s see what LG has to offer towards smarter homes with greener technology.

If we look at LG’s SIGNATURE line of home appliances, we can see several ways in which the appliances seek to help the user do more with less.

Just a few days ago, I wrote about LG’s SIGNATURE Twin Wash washing machine that has the convenience of two separate washing areas that can wash two loads of laundary separately, yet simultaneously. That saves time and effort and the user can wash more clothes in less time and with less effort. But to make the machine even more smarter, it has SmartThinQ technology which gives it wifi connectivity and various other smart connectivity options. This helps the user to monitor the wash cycles using LG app on their smartphone.

LG’s refrigerators also seem to be moving toward offering more space and convenience while consuming less energy. By incorporating technologies like Knock-On feature in Knock on Door In Door refrigerator, LG helps user saves time and electricity. Just by knocking on the refrigerator’s door, user can see the contents inside. So there’s no need to keep the door open while looking for a food item in the fridge. There’s also an Auto Door feature, which is even more intuitive. It opens the door of the fridge automatically when it detects someone near.

As the natural predators of mosquitoes like frogs are getting less in our cities, the menace of the mosquitoes is increasing. We can’t always keep mosquitoes repellents on. To counter this problem, LG has a Mosquito Away AC that keeps the mosquitoes away while cooling the room. I think there’s also a Mosquito Away TV which keeps the mosquitoes away while serving entertainment. If only it could keep bad television shows away too!

These are just some appliances that have been put into the market by one brand. But almost all future-conscious brands are trying to bring out gadgets and appliances that can do more with less and are equipped with technologies that seek to save energy and reduce their harmful impact on environment. Yes, our gadgets are getting more protective towards our environment than we are. And they are all getting smarter and more connected too. Soon we’ll have homes in which all machines are smart and can be controlled using just our voice, gestures or  smartphone like devices. That, so far, has only been a stuff of dreams. But with the way our technologies are growing, this dream might come true sooner than you think.

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