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NexGTv Kids: Entertainment App for Children

NexGTv KidsnexGTv is a popular entertainment application by Digivive that offers paid and free entertainment content like popular television shows, movies, live television channels and exclusive nexGTv content. They also have a Spotlight section where they invite and showcase mini movies from users.

Recently, Digivive has launched an app with entertainment content just for kids. This is nexGTv Kids and it hosts entertainment content for kids between the age group of 2 to 10.

As this app has content especially curated for kids, parents can let their kids use it without any fear of an unsuitable content meeting their eyes. NexGTv hosts only shows and videos that children would enjoy and can learn from.

NexGTv entertainment app for kids

This app for kids includes popular nursery rhymes, popular cartoons like Popeye, shows like Akbar Burbal, Stories of Panchtantra etc. The app also hosts movies like Bum Bum Bole, Makadee etc. There are also fun and education videos teaching kids clay art, paper art, cooking etc.

Not all of this content is free. While videos like nursery rhymes, clay art, some cartoons are free, most movies and television shows are paid and need a subscription. This subscription can be purchased using the Google Wallet or the Mobile Balance.

Using the Mobile balance to pay for the subscription might be considered more convenient option by many. Not everyone maintains a Google Wallet. With the payment from mobile balance option available, even those who don’t have a Google Wallet can buy subscription. Overall, the app looks nice with easy user interface. Kids would find it easy to use and find plenty of content in it to keep them entertained. And with school vacations coming on, kids entertainment apps like nexGTv Kids can prove to be a life saver for parents!

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