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Three Online Services for Pet Lovers in India

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Those who don’t have pets cannot understand the strong bond that people can have with their pets. But for those who have pets, the little furry or winged beings are as precious as one’s own offspring. Their happiness and comfort is of prime importance. If you too are a pet owner or wish to be so, then check out the following three online services for pet lovers in India. You might find a bundle of joy for yourself or for your darling pet.

CollarFolk: One of the biggest problems that pet owners have is that once you have a pet, it is very hard to go on long holidays. You don’t want to leave your pet at home. But taking pets along is hard as most hotels and transport means don’t allow pets. If you feel caught in the same predicament, then check out CollarFolk. This online service helps pet owners plan trips in which their pets can be their companions as well. On this website, you can search for pet-friendly hotels and resorts at your desired locations. You can also book hotels directly from this website. You can also book pet-friendly cabs. And by going to the Services tab, you can look for pet services like pet grooming, veterinary, day boarding etc. at the selected location.

So if you are planning to go on a trip and want to take your pet along,  CollarFolk might be able to help.


Heads Up For Tails: This is an online shopping store for pets (dogs only, for now). Here you can find pet food, clothes, toys, mattresses, dog charms, cute name tags, training services and a lot more. Like other online retailers, the website allows users to add items to Wishlist too for buying later. It also has a Compare feature that lets you compare different items. The payment options at this website include Cash On Delivery. The website does not give refund if the purchase is found unsuitable. But the customers can exchange the wrong product for right one within the fixed time.

Customers can register for a scheduled dog food delivery. Once done, the Heads Up For Tails team would automatically deliver dog food at your home according to the delivery schedule you have specified. This reduces the hassle of lugging big dog food packs while shopping.

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Our Doxie. She gave us 12 years of love & memories for lifetime

Our dogs keep on showing their love to us. At Heads Up For Tails, there are two special ways in which you can show your love to your dogs. One is the Birthday Club which helps the dog owners celebrate the birthday of their pets by availing special discounts and a free gift for the dog. There’s also a feature called Monthly Wag Box. In this, the customer tells the Heads Up For Tails team the size, habits, likes and dislikes of their dog. And based on that, the team selects some gifts for the dog and sends them all packed in a box. Just the things that the dog will love. For every Wag Box that is bought, a set amount of the money earned goes to spread some love and care among the dogs that have been rescued by Heads Up For Tails and some other pet care organizations.

So there, if you want to make your dog feel special and super happy, check out Heads Up For Tails.


Dog with A Blog: As the name suggests, it is a blog. On this blog, you’ll find stories about pet rescue, articles about pet care and sweet and emotional stories about the love and bonding between dogs and their owners. The best thing about this blog is that it gives information about rescued dogs that need a home. So if you want to get a new dog, you can easily browse through the information about dogs available for adoption. These are the dogs that have gone through a lot of suffering and deserve a chance of being loved and cared for by someone. If you want to buy a dog as a status symbol, then that’s a different thing. But if you want a furry companion delighting you with its loyalty and love, then do check out these unfortunate dogs waiting for someone to love them. Visit Dog With A Blog, you’d love it.

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