DataWind wins “Best Tablet Brand 2016” at 6th Digital Terminal Awards

DataWind wins Digital Terminal Award

Our smartphone and tablet devices are more than just communication devices. They have become more like our personal assistants. However, it is also true that at such a time, millions of us are still without the facility of even connecting to the internet.

Most brands are in race of launching gadgets with the latest technology. However, these devices are often very high priced and not within the reach of many. But there are some companies that are instead focusing on developing devices that are affordably priced and can help more and more people.

DataWind is a company that is actively involved in helping people with strained budget to buy and use smartphones and tablets so they too can get connected to the internet. And recognizing their endeavors, DataWind was recently awarded “Best Tablet Brand 2016” at 6th Digital Terminal Awards. This Award is given to the brands who are using innovative approach to provide cheaper internet connectivity devices for the ‘forgotten billion’ in India.

DataWind won Best Tablet Brand 2016 for its UbiSlate which is highly affordable tablet device that brings internet connectivity to people at the grass root level.  DataWind has also achieved the distinction of being placed as a top tablet maker in the last three quarters. DataWind is getting global attention for its work at connecting billions of people to the internet. The brand does not only provide cheap smartphone and tablets but also offers free internet browsing for 1 year on all its devices.

Additionally, Mr. Lakhbir Singh Tuli, Mentor & Founder, DataWind Inc. has been honoured with the Lifetime Achievement Award for his exceptional work in the field of IT and Telecom. On this occasion, Mr. Lakhbir Singh Tuli said, “I am deeply touched and honoured for this recognition. As the founder of DataWind, when I helped my sons to start this business, I always taught them a principle that technology should be created for the purpose of benefitting humanity and this is what DataWind is focussed on. We are trying to create technology that will empower people with better education and better data connectivity.”

Jyoti Arora

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