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Skin4Gadgets: For smartphone covers and more

There are different reasons why people like covering their smartphones with cases and covers. Some do it to add a layer of protection to the phone. Some do it because they find the original back panel of the device boring. Some do it to add more colour and style to it. Some even to make their phone match with their outfit on a special day. Whatever the reason, the fact remains that cases and covers for smartphones are very popular. And so, the market is full of companies offering skins and covers of smartphones of all popular brands.

When I bought a new phone (ASUS ZenFone 2), I too sought to cover it up. The first cover I bought was a flip case. It gives good protection to the phone but is all brown and boring and dull. Recently, my phone has received a fresh, new and vibrant case. I got this for review from Skin4Gadgets.com, a new ecommerce platform offering covers and cases for gadgets and much more. The items being sold on Skin4Gadgets include covers and cases for smartphones, tablets and iPad. These include customized covers and covers with artwork related to music and musicians.  Other products include custom PowerBanks, wall art, mugs, writing pads, lunch boxes etc. All these have beautiful design suitable for the target consumer.

One of the highlights of Skin4Gadgets is the customized products it makes available. These include gadget skins, wall art and even canvases which users can easily and affordably get customized with personal pictures.

ZenFone 2 cover

I’m using the smartphone case that Skin4Gadgets sent and I can tell you about it. It has bright and vibrant colours that look good and solid. As yet, there doesn’t seem to be any danger of the colours getting scratched out. The material’s quality also looks good. It took some effort and my father’s help before I could slip it on to my smartphone. So there’s no danger of its slipping off accidentally. However, the previous cover that I was using slipped on more easily. And it feels quite as secure on the phone. Anyway, the Skin4Gadgets’ cover feels smooth and sturdy to hold. It does not add too much thickness to the phone. One of the main reasons I opted to add a case to my ZenFone is to protect its camera lens. And although the cover from Skin4Gadget is not too thick, it is thick enough to prevent the camera lens from touching any surface. The case does catch fingerprints. Thankfully, they are not so visible in the cover that I have because of the bright colours.

If you are looking for covers for your smartphone, or want to get a personalized product like gadget skin or canvas, check out Skin4Gadgets. I won’t say that their products are very cheap. But they are not very high priced either. Even the personalized stuff is reasonably priced. And yes, they accept Cash on Delivery. My only grudge is that most of the designs on the site seemed to be designed for young boys or men. Majority of the designs could be classified as funky and trendy. And I spotted none that had some traditional design or beautiful artwork. But I think the story is same with most other companies making smartphone cases and skins. I’ve rarely come across a cover that might please someone with more traditionally artistic tastes. I’d love to have a cover with beautiful painting or artwork. But it’s so hard to find.

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