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Trails of India

I have friends who claim that biking is an addiction. ‘When I’m on a bike, I feel free like a bird. It’s so thrilling going on long rides and exploring distant places,’ one of my friends told me recently.

I’m sure there must be many like her who love the thrill of biking. Pulp Strategy’s Trails of India is a Digital Platform for just such people.

Trails of India:

Trails of India is an online space where biking enthusiasts from all over India can interact and share their biking stories, adventures, photos etc. They can also share important and useful information like ideal biking trails, precautions to take on a particular route, motorcycling gear and where to buy motorcycle parts and accessories. The platform can be accessed on Web, Android and Apple iOS devices.

The service is still very new. If I remember correctly, it started only in 2015. But within a short span, it has crossed 1 lac active users from 300+ cities.

“We are elated with the response that Trails of India has garnered in such a short span. We continue to work towards adding features, content and technology which create value for our users and enable the motorcycling community across the country,” quoted Ms. Ambika Sharma, Founder of Pulp Strategy and Trails of India.

Biking Merchandise:

ToI has recently started a retail segment where world-class biking merchandise is made available across India within 7 days. This includes stuff like safety gear, gadgets, tyres for superbike from brands like Alpinestars, AGV, Scala, Diesel and Michelin.


Adding to their success, Trails of India has won a medal at the 2016 DMA India CREATEFFECT ECHO® Awards. They have also won medals at the IDMA (Indian Digital Media Awards) recently.

Talking about this success, Ambika added, “As a marketer we build communities for brands, Trails of India is the platform where the community is so strong that it is attracting the best motorcycling brands in the world. We have focused on a community by the Bikers for the bikers and carefully craft the content as well as the technology so it provides real value and high levels of engagement.”

Trails of India is quite a unique idea, giving bikers a platform to connect with each other and share their experiences and knowledge. If you too are a biking enthusiast, then you should check it out.

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