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Gear Fit2, Gear IconX & Gear VR: Latest Range of Samsung Gear Devices

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Samsung recently launched Samsung Galaxy Note7 in India. At the launch event of Note7, a new range of Gear wearable devices was also introduced. These include Gear Fit2, Gear IconX and Gear VR. Together, these Gear devices serve as companion devices of Samsung’s high-end smartphones. These are innovative devices enhancing the experience of using Samsung’s smartphones.

Samsung Gear Fit2:

Samsung Gear Fit2

Galaxy Gear Fit2 can be called a sports band or a health band. This wearable Gear device is lightweight and sleek. It has a curved and ergonomic form which looks very stylish. For better durability, Fit2 is (IP68) dust and water resistant. It is equipped with a 24/7 heart rate monitor, accelerometer, GPS etc. Gear Fit2 can keep track of the user’s activity all day long. 

Fit 2 has 1.5-inch Super AMOLED curved display. The display is customizable. The users can select from among the various watch faces available to match their style. And they can also choose the information they want displayed to match their needs. Fit2 has 4GB onboard memory and an inbuilt music player. It has 1.5 GB RAM. It integrates easily with the S Health and the ‘Together’ mode on Samsung smartphones. By using the ‘Together’ Mode, users can plan and carryout exercise competitions with their friends. Galaxy Gear Fit2 has Tizen OS.

Gear Fit2 display

Gear Fit2 can be used with smartphones running on Android 4.4 and above operating systems. It is available in Dark Grey, Blue and Pink colours in two sizes. The small size is suitable for  wrist sizes between  125-170 millimeters.The  large size is for wrist sizes between  155-210 millimeters.

Gear Fit2 is priced  at INR 13,990 in India and it will be available in India from the end of August, 2016.

Samsung Gear VR:

Samsung has introduced Gear VR in association with Oculus. VR means Virtual Reality. And these wearable devices deliver amazing 3D Virtual Reality experience when connected with compatible smartphones, especially the smartphones with Super AMOLED display. Whether playing games or taking a trip in a relaxing environment, the Samsung Gear VR delivers amazing visual experience.

But I am wondering about the effects of VR sets on eyes. Do they have any harmful effect on eyes? I don’t know. But I’m afraid they might.

Gear VR

Anyway, I tried the latest Gear VR with Note7, the experience was superb. When I wore the Gear VR, I saw myself sitting on a boat being rowed by a women sitting in front of me at some distance. I could see only her back, but she looked life-like. And the gentle undulations of the boat on the ripples, the scenery passing by, the clouds overhead and the ambient sounds felt so real. The only thing missing was a gentle breeze. I wished the trip could continue for longer. But of course, more people were waiting to try the new Gear VR. So I had to get down that boat and come back to the reality.

Anyway, the new Galaxy Gear VR costs INR 7,290 in India. It will start selling in India from the first week of September 2016. Customers who pre-book Galaxy Note7 can get Gear VR only for INR 1,990.

Samsung Gear IconX:

Samsung Galaxy Gear IconX

Gear IconX is a new sub-category of wearable devices. IconX are wireless earphones. They are designed to deliver high quality music experience as well as serve as activity tracking device.

Samsung Galaxy Gear IconX earphones have 4GB internal storage. This means that about 1000 songs can be stored in their internal memory. At the front they have a touch panel which allows for an easy control of the music being played. If I remember correctly, one tap plays or halts the song, two taps move the music playback to the next song and three taps to the previous song.

Gear IconX front touch panel

IconX also have a 24/7 Heart Rate Monitor sensor and ability to give real time voice based workout inputs. They also have inbuilt GPS. All this is packed in lightweight and tiny earphones without the hassle of wires. The only trouble I foresaw was that if these small earphones slipped out of the ear, they would be too easy to lose. Of course, they are designed to fit snugly in the ears. To ensure good fit for everyone, IconX earphones are available in three sizes of ear tips and wingtips. They are also available in three colors – Black, White and Blue.  The price of Samsung Galaxy Gear IconX in India is 13,490. They will start selling in India from the end of August 2016.

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