/ / If you are in Delhi, you can now try Gear VR on a 4D Chair

If you are in Delhi, you can now try Gear VR on a 4D Chair


Gear VR

When it comes to smart wearable devices, I think Virtual Reality devices like Samsung Gear VR are just awesome. One of my favourite techno treats.

I’ve had opportunity to try VR devices at several occasions. And I love them every time. Sometimes I get transported to space, sometimes in the battlefield of a game. The best VR experience I had was when I found myself sitting on a rowing boat. The boat undulated with the soft waves. The water vegetation floated past me quietly. Perhaps they were lost in thoughts too deep to notice me. The clouds floating above me cast their shadows on the water. And in my ears rang the rhythmic sound of oars hitting the water, gentle waves lapping at the sides of the boat, and some unseen birds filling the air with their melodies. Except for the absence of wind fluttering my hair, it felt exactly as if I was sitting in a boat and being rowed away by a silent lady.

However, I experienced all this while standing up in the display area at Samsung’s launch events. Every time I tried a VR device, I wished I had a comfortable chair where I can just sit, watch through the VR and lose myself in the magic. So I was really happy to know about the 4D Chair that Samsung has installed in a new Experience Store.

Samsung Experience Store

This Experience Store has recently been opened in South Extension, Delhi. Spread across 3,500 sq. ft., it is Samsung’s largest exclusive experience store in India. Here, the visitors can experience many of Samsung’s innovative devices and services that together form Samsung’s ‘Connected Ecosystem’. The devices on display here include the 2016 flagship Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge, Galaxy Note7 and also the latest Gear VR, Wearables and Accessories. There is also a device unboxing and set-up area offering personalized setup to consumers allowing them to ‘Walk out Working’ (WoW).

4D Chair

In this store, Samsung has installed a 4D Chair to help users have more immersive and life-like Gear VR experience. This 4D chair has hydraulics mechanism that makes it respond to the movements of the person sitting on it. This creates more life-like experience for the person who is sitting on it and using Gear VR. In short, it makes the VR experience more fun.

So if you are in Delhi and want to try the virtual reality fun of Gear VR, head to Samsung’s new store in South Extension. Enjoy the virtual world while sitting on the very real 4D chair.


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