Yeppar: Augmented Reality for Print Media

If you have seen Harry Potter movies, you’d remember the Daily Prophet newspaper that has live images revealing the full story. That was magic. Technology has its own magic too. And using this magic, RAMS Creative Technologiesa Jaipur based tech startup has developed a way to bring Augumented Reality to print media like newspapers and restaurant menus. Their Augmented Reality product is called YeppAR.

YeppAR Augmented Reality:

When a document linked with YeppAR is viewed through the YeppAR smartphone app, it comes alive on the smartphone. This can be through 3D visuals, more images, videos, and more details about the content of the document.

Here’s how:

YeppAR was recently showcased on the Jaipur edition of Dainik Bhaskar.

Sounds like a cool idea, doesn’t it? Just imagine such AR technology getting incorporated in more newspapers and magazines. Scan a story about an upcoming movie through the smartphone and see its trailer or book its tickets. See a story about space exploration and experience a virtual trip into space. Read about a cricket match and instantly get more details and videos on your phone. The possibilities are endless!

In this digital age where digital content is pushing print media down, Augmented Reality technologies like YeppAR can give print media a new lease of life. It can also prove helpful for advertisers as they can include a lot more information within the limited space of newspapers, brochures, catalogs etc.

YeppAR for Restaurants:

yeppar augmented reality in restaurant menu cards

YeppAR can also be incorporated in restaurant menus to make them more helpful for diners. By adding this AR technology, a usual looking menu card can be made to deliver information like ingredients in a dish, serving portions, accompaniments, 3D images of the dish, video of the dish being made, reviews by other diners. It can even help users to shortlist items before ordering the final selection.

Such a menu card can help restaurants to attract more customers. And it can help diners to be more sure while ordering food items at the restaurant.

YeppAR is just beginning its journey right now. But as it spreads over to newspapers, magazines, catalogs, menu cards etc, it can revolutionize the way we consume print media.

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