Vodafone FLEX: Single Recharge for Calls, SMS & Data


From left to right; Sandeep Kataria, Director – Commercial, Vodafone India &
Arvind Nevatia, National Head Consumer Marketing, Vodafone India

My internet use on smartphone is mostly through the Wi-Fi. At most, I need to use my mobile data for about two or three times in a month. Getting a data pack for so little use feels like a waste. The validity of the card expires before I consume the data quota. There must be many people like me who don’t need to use mobile data much. On the other hand, many people use mobile data more than voice calling. Such different needs often mean using different recharges or SIM cards.

Targeting this problem, Vodafone has launched Vodafone FLEX. FLEX is a pre-paid plan with no pre-fixed quotas for voice, data or SMS. This gives users the flexibility to use their recharge amount as they want. A single FLEX recharge gives the benefit of voice calling, messaging and data pack.

Talking about FLEX, Mr. Arvind Nevatia, National Head Consumer Marketing, Vodafone India, said, “Vodafone FLEX provides a novel breakthrough from the conventional way in which  customers currently use and manage their various mobile plans for voice and data. Eliminating the need for managing multiple recharges or validities, Vodafone FLEX gives ready access to talktime, data, SMS and roaming – all with just a single recharge.”


Vodafone Flex

Vodafone FLEX Benefits:

  • Every FLEX recharge comes with certain FLEX points. These points can be used for voice calls, SMS and using cheaper mobile data. Out of the total FLEX balance, one ‘Flex’ point is deducted for every 1 MB data used or 1 minute of incoming call on roaming or 1 message. Local, roaming or STD outgoing calls cost Two ‘Flexs’ per minute.
  • All FLEX charges have 28 days of validity. If recharged before the validity gets over, any remaining FLEX balance gets carried over to the next recharge.
  • FLEX allows users to monitor their exact usage.
  • As per Vodafone, FLEX users can enjoy savings of up to 25%.


Vodafone Flex Plans:

Vodafone FLEX  is  available in following denominations:

  • Rs. 119 = 325 Flex points
  • Rs. 199 = 700 Flex points
  • Rs. 299 = 1200 Flex points
  • Rs. 399 = 1750 Flex

Additional packs can be availed at attractively lower cost. Rates may vary from circle to circle.

FLEX comes at a time when Reliance Jio is creating much buzz. By offering attractive flexibility to mobile users, FLEX can help Vodafone to compete against the much hyped Reliance Jio. The battle of mobile recharges and data packs is getting interesting now!

Customers can get Vodafone FLEX prepaid packs from Vodafone retail outlets or from www.vodafone.in.

For more information about Vodafone FLEX plans, visit HERE

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