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iRobot Roombaâ 980 Vacuuming Robot

irobot roombaa 980 launch in india

We are happily rolling through the smartphone age right now. But it seems to me that the Robot age is not far off. Of course, robots have been helping in industry, military and other fields since long. But now, they have started moving into domestic sphere. LG Rolling Bot and ASUS Zenbo are example of these.

iRobot Corp. is a company engaged in developing robots for domestic uses.  In India, a company called Puresight Systems Pvt Ltd. (Established IN 2014) is working towards becoming India’s leading provider of home robotic appliances. Since 2015, Puresight has started importing iRobot home robots into India. These are said to be world’s best-selling robotic vacuum cleaners. So far, they have brought into India Roomba 600, 700 and 800 series vacuuming robots and the Braava 300 series floor mopping robot. Recently, Puresight Systems also launched iRobot’s Roombaâ 980 vacuuming robot in India.

iRobot Roombaâ 980 vacuuming robot:

irobot roombaa 980

As per the information I got, Roomba 980 combines adaptive navigation technology with visual localization. Thanks to this, it can clean an entire level of a home. And it can recharge and resume as needed until the job is done. It can be controlled from anywhere through the iRobot HOME App.

Roomba 980 can detect different floor surfaces and adjust its cleaning power according to the floor type. It has AeroForce™ Cleaning System with Carpet Boost that provides more cleaning power by automatically increasing the performance of the Gen 3 motor to clean the carpet and rugs.

Commenting upon Roomba 980, Ayesha Khan, spokesperson – Puresight Systems, said, “Given changing lifestyles, Indian consumers are constantly looking for convenient solutions to improve their quality of life. iRobot’s new home robot will change the way we view floor cleaning and revolutionize home cleaning. We are bringing iRobot’s most capable and best cleaning vacuuming robot to date to India. We have a good knowledge of adoption and we know consumer satisfaction. Currently we have two iRobot experience centers and a service center in Bangalore and we are looking to expand to other major cities in the next 12-24 months. We have identified a great interest in our products coming from New Delhi and have chosen New Delhi as the next city we will expand to”.

iRobot Roomba 980 is priced at Rs.69900/ in India. It is available on www.irobot.in.

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