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Fossil Group’s smart wearable devices come to India


Fossil smartwatch

As technology is getting fashionable now, fashion too has decided to get technological. I got the proof of that in a recent press conference held by the Fossil Group in which Fossil showcased a wide range of smartwatches, hybrid watches and activity trackers. The grand display included watches by various Fossil owned and licensed brands.

We already have several technology brands like LG and Samsung making smartwatches and health trackers. But the highlight of the connected devices showcased by Fossil is their luxury brand value. They are not smart gadgets trying to be fashion accessories. They are high-end fashion accessories with inbuilt smartwatch and health tracking features.

Chaps smartwatch

This is an excellent move by Fossil and its partner brands. As we get more and more addicted to smart gadgets, the normal watches are going to face a tough battle for survival. At such a time, watch brands need to innovate to keep up with the changing times.

These luxury smart and hybrid watches should appeal to the fashion and brand conscious people.  These connected wearables infuse technology into traditional timepieces to create stylish and connected wearable devices.

Announcing the launch of connected wearable devices in India, Jack Quinlan, Senior Vice-President, APAC, Fossil Group stated, “It is our constant endeavor to offer products that not only appeal to our consumers’ sense of style but also meet their changing requirements. India is the fastest growing market in the APAC region with a CAGR of more than 40%. Smartwatches are slated to constitute about 40 per cent of wearable devices by the end of 2016 and through the launch of the new range we aim to capture a considerable share of the market. With the growing penetration of digital technology we recognized the need to meet the requirements of the millennial trendsetter.”

Chaps hybrid smartwatch

Sonny Vu, President & CTO, Connected Devices, Fossil Group, explained “Consumers are looking for their wrist-wear to do more, not just tell the time or be a fashion accessory. Fossil Group has invested huge resources across the globe, in some of the finest engineering talent, to bring cutting edge technology to our brands, while preserving and enhancing aesthetics. No one wants to walk around with a calculator-like machine strapped to their wrist!!” He added, “Indians are very passionate about technology, quick to adopt the latest and we believe India will continue to be a key market for us.”

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Three categories of smart wearables have been launched in India by Fossil Group. These are Smartwatches, Hybrid Watches and Health Trackers launched by Fossil and its partner brands like Misfit, Michael Kors, SKAGEN, Emporio Armani and CHAPS. The wearable smart devices launched by these different brands incorporate the brand’s unique design features.

SKAGEN smartwatches

Fossil Group’s smart wearable devices launched in India include:

Q Wander and Q Marshal smartwatches by Fossil. This collection is priced between INR 21,995 – INR 22,595/-

Bradshaw Access and Dylan Access smartwatches by Michael Kors. The devices in these collections are priced between  INR 25,995/- to INR 29,495/-

SKAGEN Connected hybrid smartwatches and a Skagen Connected activity tracker by SKAGEN. The devices in these collections are priced between INR 14,295 – INR 15,495/-

Emporio Armani Hybrid Smartwatches

Emporio Armani Connected Hybrid Smartwatches by Emporio Armani. The devices in this collection are priced between 17,495/- and INR 27,995/-

CHAPS Hybrid smartwatch by CHAPS. Watches in this collected are priced at INR 9,995/- to INR 10,495/-.

These are all uber-stylish smartwatches and fitness trackers by brands whose names represent luxury and fashion. Unlike other smartwatches, these connected wearable devices don’t require charging. They flaunt the quality and style statements of their brands while giving the convenience and connectivity of latest ‘smart’ technology. They have customizable dials and can sync with smartphones to display notificaitons, control music, record voice notes, click photos and perform other such smartwatch features. These will soon start selling in India through the various distribution channels of these brands.

Michael Kors smartwatch

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