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Devotional Apps for your smartphones.

No matter how advanced we get, spiritualism still forms an important part of our life in India. Whether driven by belief, habit or just fear and superstition, most of us do bow our head to our Gods. And in our heart, we hold on to the hope that our prayers are being heard and will be answered.

Our smartphones, our ever ready helpers, have ways to help us in our prayers and worship too. Here are five devotional apps for Android devices that have been designed to help us in our religious rituals:

iFaith App

iFaith by nexGTv allows users to watch devotional Live TV and videos on smartphones. It has a lot of devotional content including live streaming facility and on-demand videos from popular devotional channels such as Darshan 24, Disha TV, Powervision, Divya and Iswar TV.  This app is useful for those who like watching spiritual programs on TV. Now they can watch such content on their phone anytime and anywhere.

iFaith App

Saregama Shakti App

Saregama Shakti app makes available bhajans by renowned artistes like Lata Mangeshkar, Anup Jalota, Jagjit Singh, Asha Bhosle, Suresh Wadkar, Anuradha Paudwal and Sadhna Sargam among many others. It has a special section for content from Art of Living. It also has recital of mantras and aarti. In addition, it gives information about various rituals, prasad, vrat, muhurat, panchang etc. So if you enjoy listening to popular bhajan, then this app might be worth checking out. You might also discover some old and hard to find bhajan on it! This app has a free trial period of only one week.

saregama shakti app

Puja app

Puja of Hindus is never complete without an Aarti. That is why, many people keep a book of Aarti collection in their home. This app brings this collection to your smartphone. It has Aarti and Puja rituals of 20 Hindu Gods. It is much like the egreetings that let you light a diya or offer flowers to a deity. It gives you step by step instruction to perform a virtual puja while a selected audio is playing in the background. It also provides important details related to various Gods and puja rituals.

Puja religious app

Bhajan App

As the name suggests, this app offers a collection of Bhajans. In addition, it also provides devotional ringtones. Its home screen shows Hindu calendar. It is developed by Keyideas Infotech Private Limited. Bhajans app is one of the most downloaded devotional apps. Besides hosting an extensive collection of bhajans from famous artists, it also allows users to create playlists of their favourite bhajans. And they can adjust their audio quality based upon their network.

famous bhajan app

Namakoti App

This app is to help those who like chanting God’s name. It counts the number of times user took Lord’s name. The app has several modes like key presses, finger swipe, jap mala to help the user keep track of their chants. However, the app is free only till the count of God’s name reaches 10,000. And it requires a registration and login.


These are just a few of the devotional apps available for smartphone. Besides these, you can download Chalisa apps and apps that include details of various temples, rituals, Hindu calendar and Panchang. So if you are looking for a religious app, check out the ones mentioned above. Or just browse the app store and you’ll find several you like.

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